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I’d like to keep my powerhungry-ness to myself, tyvm.

I couldn’t be in a position where I’m in power. Not because I’d abuse my power or anything, but with power comes stress, and we all know how well I do with stress. My fiance, on the other hand, would do well in management jobs because he has leadership qualities that bypass my own, and he doesn’t break under stress as quickly as I do. I don’t mind working my evil[1. lol] in the shadows where very little can stress me out.

How about you? Would you take on a management job?

Open-Ended Question: Your old job

My old job consisted of dealing with pissy customers every day, scanning stuff with a (n oftentimes) defective barcode scanner, and cleaning up dust. Ah, the joys of cashiering. If anyone asked me if I’d go back to it, I’d tell them to give me a nice quiet office. That doesn’t drive people to drink and develop plantar facciatis[1. A very painful foot condition that affects the heels and arch of the feet. Mine never got better.].

How was your last job? Would you go back to it?

This is where Piscean intuition kicks in, right?

Like I said, in fear that I’d get canned, I won’t post about my job…publicly. So that means if you’re seeing this, I trust that you are not affiliated with them in any way. Granted, I could have posted this in my LJ, but since I know that plenty of people actually visit here, I password protected it.

Now, I like that the job is easy, laid back, and I can wear jeans to work. However, I am quickly finding out that this is not somewhere I’d want to be affiliated with at all. I will give a few examples.

  1. Since I’ve been there, and it’s only been about a week, they’ve managed to fire 3 people. Apparently they’ll fire you even if there is a logical reason (as in illness). Now I have a hematologist appointment this week and before I got my schedule for this week, I made it for Thursday. I work on Thursday, but not on Wednesday. So I had to change it. Now this makes me feel better because now I don’t have to deal with her trying to fix my schedule to work around the appointment. More on that later. This would explain why they’re constantly looking for people.
  2. When I went to the interview, she didn’t really ask a lot of questions. For me, this was good because this is what kills my chances for any job (nerves suck). I really don’t have a clue why exactly did she hire me, other than looking at my less-than-impressive resume. This makes me think that she’ll hire anyone out of desperation.
  3. I was told that there was a 2-week training period. My ass. I got trained for a day. I shit you not. The next day, I was left alone, which freaked me out to no end because I got bombarded with papers upon papers.
  4. Speaking of papers, when I got there, I was taught how to work with Quickbooks. The moment I caught on, I was getting those receipts done quick-like. I get to receipts from New Jersey (they service NYC, Westchester, NJ, the DC area and Texas), and these things are from the beginning of the month. When there aren’t any calls or jobs to assign, the workers can do this in the meantime. I’ve been doing that for the week. Why the hell, other than the fact that one of the technicians don’t come to the office more than twice a month, did they allow it to pile up like that? By the way, that pile is down to 6 receipts, thanks to me and another person they’re “training” as well.
  5. This is possibly the most shady point of all. We get a mess of phone calls every day. 85% of the time it’s from telemarketers. I know how to deal with them, but just today, the same company called us at least 20 times straight for at least an hour. I’m like “what the hell”? Then I remembered something. Apparently, these people are under several different locksmith names with different phone numbers in the Yellow Pages. All of these numbers are redirected to us, so when they think that they’re talking to another company, it’s really the same place. The same thing with the customers. They look for us in the Yellow pages, they see about 2 pages, and half of those numbers are actually redirected to us. How do I know this? One of my co-workers who’s been with the business for a few years told me when I asked about it. Her response? Change your voice up.
  6. So the pay isn’t the best, but when you’re broke and you need something else to put on your resume, it’s fine. Being paid off the books is illegal in the US, however, I’m not sure about half-off-half-on situations. However, by this logic, my paycheck will be saying that I’m making half of $8 an hour. What is half of $8 an hour? Less than the national requirement for minimum wage, and way less than the requirement for New York. Now if that isn’t smelling of fish, I don’t know what is.
  7. I’m scared shitless of my boss, but then I thought about it. I hardly see her anyway. When she is in the office, she’s always on the phone making personal calls. Of course, since she is speaking Hebrew, I don’t understand a word she says. But that’s beyond the point. You have two people who hasn’t been working at your business for a week. Then you yell at them when they make a mistake. Hm.

I have a really bad feeling about this. And no, this isn’t just cramps or anything. Something is not right, and I don’t want to be here when it blows up. I’m updating my resume with one of the several names they go under, and plugwhore some more. I can only hope that something jumps off sooner than later. I gave myself 3 months, but I’m lying to myself.

Oh, by the way…

Did I mention that I’m a working woman now?

Funny story. I did my plugwhoring thing online on Friday–sent out a mess of resumes all over the city, or at least in the boroughs I have the balls to walk in at night[1. Which eliminates Brooklyn and The Bronx immediately; Staten Island isn’t an option on account of distance.]. Of course, I came up empty handed. Or so I thought.

The next day, around 11 in the morning, I get a phone call from a place. They asked if I can come in for an interview on Monday at 10am. I said “yes”, as I do all of my offers. Skip to Monday. Came as properly dressed as I can be with resume in tow. I got there 20 minutes early (the 3 buses had aligned itself almost perfectly–it took me no more than 5 minutes to get them), and I sat down while they got ready for me, blah-ze-blah, all the boring bullshit, and then they call me in.

The boss is a very nice lady–I found out that she’s a fellow Piscean too. She told me what the job entails and the like. It’s dispatching and receptionist by the way. She asked me a few questions, I answered them. She then said that she’ll call me in an hour, and sent me on my merry way. My interview was at 10am, but I was out by 10am and home just in time for Jerry Springer. Yes, it was very painless. Now I wait.

But I remembered how I got shafted every time they said that they’ll call. I have learned to hate that line “we’ll call you” because 9 out of the 10 times, they won’t. If thy say that they’ll call with a decision, don’t buy into it. So yeah. An hour passed, and no call. When I didn’t get a phone call by 5pm, I took it as “well, shit, here we go again”. I called to check the status, because it’s one thing to say that you’ll call someone, then it’s another thing to say that you’ll call someone and give a specific time frame. Turns out that she was out of the office for a bit and didn’t get back until 6:30pm. By 6:45, I get a phone call.

“Can you start tomorrow?”

Hell yeah, I can start the next day. And that’s what I did. Someone showed me and another person how to do stuff, and the other person actually quit within hours; I shit you not. It isn’t a hard job to do, but as I found out today, it’s very demanding. In fear of getting dooced within a few days, I won’t say exactly what makes it demanding, but I know that this is only a stepping stone–I need more stuff on my resume, so I can put this on there. And I can say that I have working knowledge of QuickBooks![2. Which, by the way, is a pain in the motherfucking ass.]

I’m just glad to be able to have some kind of money in my hands. I’m getting a sudden influx of assignments on PU2B, but I use those mostly for hosting and putting into my CRF.

Now, if the next job I get can be in a field that I will thoroughly enjoy, I’ll die a happy bitch.

I. Am. Not. A. Drunk.

Funny story…except not depending on your mood.

A few days ago, I saw an ad for a bartender school. Another one of my hidden interests happens to be mixing drinks. I’ve never done it before, but I wouldn’t mind learning about it. At the risk of becoming a drunk who lives off of Long Island Iced Teas and Adios Motherfuckers, that is. But anyway, I sent out some info, and they got back to me yesterday. They asked to come in today, but I couldn’t because I had appointments. I told my mom about it, and she shot the idea down, for the sake of my sanity. But I’m going to at least check it out. I mean, other than my freakish anxiety issues and depression, I’m approachable enough to become a professional bartender.

They call me again today, and I told them that I had a change of heart (mostly because of the aformentioned reasons). She said something about career and interest and some shit like that. I was asleep so I don’t remember much. But yeah, she said something like that, and I said that my interest was always in theatre. Of course, a lot of actors take on jobs as bartenders. She said to at least check it out. So that’s what I’m going to do.

I wish that the economy didn’t suck so bad so that I don’t come dangerously close to selling my soul. No, I’m not talking about bartending either. And I’m not talking about being a hooker either (sick people!). If you’ve read my Livejournal, then you have some idea.

Damn, this has me craving Long Island Iced Teas now.