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All right, I haven’t done much of anything to my about me page since I’ve gotten this domain. In case you’re wondering, that’s almost 3 years. I figured that now would be the time to actually do something. Yay!

Here are the basics: I was born and raised in Queens, NY. The area in which I live in now is not the best at all. In fact, you can’t even find rice cakes and light cream cheese in the supermarkets. It was worse, however, and I’m grateful that I don’t hear as many gunshots as I did 10 years ago. I’m the youngest in the family, but this doesn’t mean that I’m spoiled. All of us are spoiled; not just me. But there’s a difference between being spoiled and being spoiled rotten. Those who are spoiled rotten will have a helluva hard time making it without the parents standing behind them to make sure they clean up their room, or wash their ass. They will also be on the brink of death when the parents cut their allowance off.

I’ve had a pretty hard school life. I went to public schools where it wasn’t only the students making fun of my weight, but it was also some of the teachers who added on to the emotional, verbal and physical (that’s right, physical; from teachers nonetheless) abuse. What’s worse is that the schools did nothing to stop it. But guess what? I survived. I am psychologically fucked up, and it’s a long road to recovery, but…I survived. But seriously, I thought it would never end, and it ended in high school. Of course, there were a few bad apples, but as a whole I lived a “different kind of normal” life.

Speaking of being psychologically fucked up, it wasn’t until I was in college where it all came into place. I was away from home for the first time, and I was homesick, and I had a boyfriend at the time who made promises and broke them, leaving me broken. With this, the stress of school, homesickness, and practically everything that happened to me, I literally drove myself crazy. I was diagnosed with depression during college, and my meltdown just two weeks after creating Crestfallen in 2006 changed that diagnosis to an NOS (not otherwise specified) Mood Disorder. In other words, it ain’t depression, it ain’t bipolar, it’s something else and they don’t know what the fuck it is. I’ve accepted it; I do have my irritable days, but that’s usually if someone really pissed me off.

I am a hobbyist photographer, web designer, and writer, although I wouldn’t mind taking up writing as a profession. My interests do not lie there; I have my moments of video gaming. I’m a huge Legend of Zelda and Sims 2 fan. If I’m not writing, I’m taking nature photos. If i’m not doing that, I’m creating Sims, creating dialogues, and slowly developing a God complex. If I’m not doing any of those things, I’m out with friends.

Music is huge on my radar. Writing and music usually goes hand-in-hand; if I have good music to listen to (and most are good, but sadly, not too many are from this decade) the fingers will fly on the keyboard or from my pen onto the paper. I am interested in needle point, but finding someone who can teach a left-handed needle pointer is not easy in my family. Finally, I happen to have an interest in health, psychology, and forensics. Nice combination, right? You can thank my sisters for bringing those into my life.

Online, my personality can be mistaken as “sarcastic bitch”. It’s not entirely true. Sarcasm is definitely there, but the bitch is optional. This means that yes, I am mean sometimes. Sarcasm in itself is mean. But I really won’t hurt a fly. Seriously, I run when I see them. But roaches on the other hand…oh, I strayed? I’m sorry–I have a short attention span. I am an emotional romantic in distress. I have plenty of love to give. I am a realist as well. I’m fat, and don’t think that I’m attractive. 20-somethings aren’t “cute”, and should not be called such. If you don’t want to use the word “beautiful”, at the very least then, “pretty” works just as well. There is no such thing as love at first sight, soulmates, or world peace. Okay, so I err on the cynical side. Oops.

To a lot of people, I also come off as “weird”. Yes, I have my quirks, but the best way to deal with to embrace them. So what if I still sleep with a nightlight and stuffed animal? So what if I make connections with food and people who are/were in my life? I’m not weird; I’m a different kind of normal.

My biggest dream is to go on Broadway and star in a musical. Whenever I can escape from here, I find myself in the Theatre District. Hell, I even volunteer in the heart of it. I am a starving artist and ideally, as in if it were that easy, I would be an actress in a play. However, I’ve pretty much said that I’ll be content as long as I’m in that field. Another more, slightly more reachable dream is to at the very least be in a long-term relationship and have my own family.

So…there you have it. Possibly the world’s longest about me page. Or at least, the longest about me page that Crestfallen’s ever had. That was totally unintentional; I swear. But then again, I say that all the time, and it always ends up like this. Good night/morning/afternoon!

Censorship is the bane of creativity. Censorship is the bane of personality. So screw censorship and the stifling of your mind and go crazy!

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