I won’t have to worry about a wedding anniversary for a little while longer (you kinda need a wedding for that). However, the thought does go through my mind. I’m not a huge shopper; neither is Ronnie. So when it comes to shopping, we might totally score on gifts, or fail miserably.

I suppose the easiest thing would be to do wedding anniversary gifts by year. This also means that you’d have to know the material per year. First year’s pretty easy; it’s paper. Ronnie would probably get me something like this, because he’s a dork, and knows that I’ll probably have a witty comeback.

Of course, the folks at puts this lovely disclaimer on this product’s page.

NOTE TO HUSBANDS: if you are considering ordering just the TP from us, without paper roses too, we hope you have something romantic planned for her too – TP will get you a laugh. JustPaperRoses will get you… whatever you are looking for on your Anniversary night

TP will also get you a snarl and a trip to the dog house. Don’t do it! They have plenty of gift ideas on their site, so I’m probably gonna be looking up gifts here once it’s my time.

2 thoughts on “Technically…”

  1. lol i actually liked that!!! ha ha…it would be better than what I generally get for valentines day: nothing!!
    I hope your feeling better too btw!

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