Of Divas and Drama…Canines

I never said this, but a few months ago, I was surprised with a new addition to the house. Her name is Chloé, and she is a Shih Tsu.

Now, let me tell you about this one here. She’s a…riot, to say the least. When we first got her, she was only about 3-4 months old. The first night she was there, she took a dump in her cage and while cleaning it up, we put her in a little box in case she tries to do other stuff. She escaped from the little box. And we had to chase her around for a good 5 minutes before we put her back in her cage and went to sleep.

And ever since then…she’s been nothing but trouble. She loves going outside. So much so that we have to make sure all doors are closed or she’ll run out faster than a prisoner in an orange suit. Now we do take her outside, but when she does, she likes to put stuff in her mouth that she should not be putting in there. Oh, and here’s the kicker folks.

She does not like me. I swear, the moment she sees me, she starts biting, and hard. One time, she thought it would be a good idea to come into my room (escapist, remember?) and while I wasn’t in there to stop her, take a nice steaming shit on my carpet. Well, this is why my door’s closed now, especially when she makes it upstairs. And her short legs make her very capable of doing so, and fairly swiftly too.

She’s a bit of a diva; very picky eater. She loves chicken. Chicken that was cooked for humans. And the moment she smells it, all you see is her looking up with her beady little eyes as if she wants to say “Sir, I would like more please”. My mom spoils her rotten, so now the only way she’ll eat dog food is if there’s a piece of our chicken in it. Note: fried chicken=bad.

Other than that, she’s such a cutie.

3 thoughts on “Of Divas and Drama…Canines”

  1. I don’t think I could handle an animal like that.. lol.. I would probably give her to someone that could. XD I like my cat, she’s relaxed. Woo!

  2. There should be a way to stop her from biting you. She may do it because she’s so young. Young dogs are more likely to have aggressive behavior, kind of like kids and teenagers being rude. It’s like part of their puberty.

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