Sometimes you have to step away from your addictions to get a smile elsewhere.

Some will know exactly what I’m referring to here, and I’ll show ya later. But I decided to check my email today before I tried to think of a story or sommat about Blue Cross North Carolina. A very good friend of mine, one who I haven’t heard from in months, sent me an email.

This email only had one thing: a link. This link was to her blog. I went to visit it like a good little girl. I’ve forgotten how well she writes. I went through her pages. Every single one. And I got to her “thank you” page. I was on it. This is what she said:

What would I do without you? You’re the only person I’ve ever known who can make depression funny. No matter how down I get you can always make me laugh. I love your sarcasm and your witty sense of humor. You are one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever known. Your friendship means the world to me.

I almost cried. But instead, I smiled. Because it was great to read something like that. It shows that even though we haven’t talked in 369459159154954925329569352 years[1. Or so it seems], I’m not forgotten.

To the one who wrote this: You may not think that you’re spectacular. But many, including myself, think differently. You are a strong woman. If I went through even half the stuff you did, I wouldn’t be here. You’re an inspiration to myself, and to other women as well, and I really hope that you see that one day.

Love you lots. And thank you.


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