Patience, my friend, is a virtue.

*Counts on her fingers then gives up*

I promise that it will not take 6 months (give or take) for another layout again.

But yes, I finally dragged myself away from PWI[1. Maintenance for the second night in a row did it] long enough to actually be productive. I did change a few things from the screenshot a while back (as I always do). I’m also 99.99999% sure that I’m going to find something wrong and try to figure out why the hell it isn’t working. But I am loving this color scheme. Totally different from what I do. The browns, that is.

Since it is about 4am, I should be going. Maybe I’ll think of a story that surrounds leads for insurance while I sleep. Did you know that a couple of my writing pieces were inspired by dreams? In that case, I should write a horror play where someone gets killed in some gruesome way.[2. Ugh, Those dreams suck, I tell you.]

Here’s a screenshot to leave ya with.


2 thoughts on “Patience, my friend, is a virtue.”

  1. AHH! AHH!! The RSS feed I read didn’t really give me the thought that the layout was UP already! So pretty!!!

    Anyway, I love your girl’s outfit on PWI.. She looks like a badass little Santa’s helper.. in blue.. XD

    Mimis last blog post..Pets have feelings, too.

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