Oh, stupid detachment issues!


Okay, so I’m very much detached from anything that requires opening up a browser. I open one up to check my emails and to send out my resume and then I go off and play Perfect World. Addicted, yes, but my interest in web surfing has been waning for a while. But I can give you some kind of update.

  1. Been trying to work on the new layout. So far, it’s coded, but I screwed up the navigation. So I can get it up by the end of the week if I hyper-focus on just that.
  2. Spring has sprung, and so has the flowers. But my camera has no nature pics on them just yet. Eventually.
  3. It’s still raining…was beautiful for a bit, but it’s raining again. Nice, Mother Nature. Nice.
  4. I’ve come to the conclusion that there are some things that I rather keep under wraps from now on, because I end up jinxing it. Ha! That means no more “new boyfriend” posts unless I magically become engaged.
  5. The Family Guy episode where Lois went into modeling and was offered to take diet pills to get thinner[1. To the point of having her rib cage showing. Familiar?] came on for the umteen millionth time. Funny episode.
  6. I still have an unhealthy obsession with the number 7, and it’s making my nose twitch that I won’t be able to have a seventh list item.

Don’t worry, maybe something will pop up, and I’ll have my net browsing mojo back. But until then, I’ll laugh at PW mobs such as this one. PS: that frying pan and spatula hurts…bad.


3 thoughts on “Oh, stupid detachment issues!”

  1. I went through that quite recently sort of.. Except you just could not get me off of Neopets! D: I still get on every day but I have been paying more attention to blogging. :3

    Mimis last blog post..Girly Expectations.

  2. In regards to 2 and 3, it’s summer here. Or it was yesterday. I saw people wearing short shorts (the really short ones!) and flip flops and I was thinking oh my god hello spring/summer/sunny days!

    Though rain would be nice, my grass is dying.

    Annies last blog post..Junk food? No thank you.

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