April Showers…BAH!

Oh, hoi internets.

I hate rain. Some people take it as an opportunity to curl up with a couple of good books, but…I hate rain. If I’m already drained for whatever reason, it makes it that much more miserable. I don’t care if it brings May flowers, but April showers absolutely suck.

Anyway, I’m finding myself a bit detached from the internet. Some people probably haven’t noticed my disappearance these past few days, but I’m just bored. I open up a browser, check my email, Plurk a bit, go on message boards, but otherwise, there really isn’t that appeal as it was before. Which brings me back to a certain question: can one get tired (or grow out) of the internet? Or is it just one of my obsessive/addictive things that has pushed opening a browser for surfing away for PWI? The world may never know.

Oh, and one of my guildies apparently doesn’t believe me when I said that I have a screenshot of him embracing a fox. So this is especially for him, along with these words.

Told you.


One thought on “April Showers…BAH!”

  1. Shame you didn’t catch him in the act of kissing me though. Can anyone say blackmail? (I agree about the rain, btw)

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