What is blogworthy to you?

For the past few days, a couple of my guildies from PWI told me that some of our very unusual chilling out moments and conversations are totally blog-worthy[1. Yes, they are aware that I have a blog, and at least one of them could see this entry]. I shot down a few ideas, but the Bliss nap time moment is too freaking hilarious to not share. We spent 1 hour doing nothing (after killing some massive bosses though) and we all just…fell.


Then there are the several conversations that are riddled with innuendo. I look forward to logging on and laughing my ass off. Score.

(For those who gives a shit–or is curious, I’m Destini in that screenshot. Yes, the black chick.)

Anyway, end psuedo-nerd. I’ve read several blogs in my lifetime. Some that document the lives of the blogger (which is hit and miss), some with pretty pictures mixed into the often insightful entries. Some that have a comical outlook on life. A few totally geeky blogs (some can be interesting!). I’ve read them all.[2. By all, I mean most.] I’m sure that sometimes they have an inside fight about what is blogworthy and what isn’t.

As I mentioned time and time again, I live a very uneventful life. If I post anything about my life, it’d be like this:

“So, I woke up this morning at about 10 am, and I watched some Maury and some Jerry Springer while downing a couple of bowls of cereal[3. Or if I’m seriously craving it, egg whites and bacon]. I washed the dishes; all 20 of them that my sister and niece left in there for us to clean up (seriously, it takes no more than 10 minutes to wash the fucking dishes). Then I went upstairs to my room, blasted some Zero 7 while grinding on Perfect World and singing Distractions for the umteenth time, because I freaking love that song.

After playing PW for a bit, I went to take a nice 3-hour nap, then I took a shit, then ate dinner. Ramen…yum. Psyche. Anyway, back to the computer for more PW while totally procrastinating with the bloody layout that I should have coded a long time ago, but my middle name really is Procrastina! Then I went to bed at 3am. Fun!”

Hence, my life is not blogworthy. There are some people who blog about their life which just grates on my nerves because it really isn’t interesting stuff. I just move on to the other. Then there are others who can somehow make their mundane lives totally blogworthy, and I want to know their secret. I usually post stuff that can be thought-provoking, happy, sad, pseudo-nerdy, downright dark…it all depends on my mood. There are some things that are blogworthy to some, but I will never touch, because I think that the public needn’t know about some things.[4. There are references to sex and masturbation, but I won’t go any further than that]

So in your own words, what’s blogworthy to you? What will make you open up WordPress (or whatever you use) and type away on that subject?

5 thoughts on “What is blogworthy to you?”

  1. Nothing in my life is blogworthy right now. I’ve been pretty down, and therefore I can’t really appreciate the little things I usually blog about. >.<

    Emszs last blog post..A Funny Pill

  2. I think anything can be blogworthy, depending on your audience and the way you write about it. If your audience is people you already know to some degree, then they’ll care more about whatever you write about, even if it’s just buying groceries or something. And some people write in a way that makes buying groceries seem interesting. It all depends. Personally, I just blog about whatever comes to mind and hopefully somebody will find it somewhat interesting, but then again, I’m not too interesting a blogger. :p

  3. If something interests me, then I’ll probably blog about it and hope I’m similar enough to the rest of the human race for others to find it somewhat interesting, too 😉

    Kaylees last blog post..Falling randomly

  4. I think for me, the question is more: what ISN’T blogworthy? Everything and anything in my life is fodder for the blog-mobile. 😛

  5. I say whatever you “feel” is blog worthy, is worthy!

    It can be anything and everything. But personally, I try to write more about what I think about than what I do on a day by day basis. That’s what differentiates a blog from a journal to me.

    I also like to blog about memorable moments in life. So I can go back one day and read all about it!

    Whatever you blog about, I think it should be because you want to, and not because you feel you have to. This should never be an obligation to you!

    Anywho, thanks for the mention!! *hugs*

    Christines last blog post..Soap bubbles and wrinkly fingers.

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