Why do people like to kiss: an RHSF experiment.

As a follow-up to this entry, I decided to put our lovable redheaded stick figure in the line of fire to test the “stress easing” theory. Here are the findings (warning: pretty large image on click).


Poor thing. But I can safely say that the stress-easing effect that kissing does have (according to these folks) does make sense. I mean, how else would I go from having one of those day-long anxiety attacks to being calmer when I got kissed?

Yeah, so it did come two days late, but better two days late than 5 years late, I say. One piece of advice to men: if you kiss a girl with glittery lipgloss and you somehow need to explain it, just tell them that you tripped and fell into some glitter. Then say that that was the best fucking kiss you’ve had in ages. I’m not going into the whole thing (if you have access to my friends only Livejournal, then most of it is there, along with who it was that gave me said stress-easing kiss, and no he didn’t get smacked), but I’m grinning from ear to ear. Could ya blame me?!

6 thoughts on “Why do people like to kiss: an RHSF experiment.”

  1. Hahahaha you crack me up.
    It totally makes sense that kissing is relaxing.. After all, making out makes you lightheaded… And you only need to cut off the air circulation to the train for about a minute to fall into a deep, sweet sleep (aka death).

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