So Jem is holding a contest at my stomping ground. The prize? A geek t-shirt from Syswear. Now, I am more along the lines of pseudo-geek/nerd[1. I only pose as one], but I love t-shirts, and you can never have enough t-shirts.

Here’s how it works. Review sites or refer people, gain the most points by the end of February, and the person with the most points wins. Void where prohibited, which means that if you’re not from the US, Canada, or Europe, you’re not qualified, but you should join anyway if you haven’t already. We’re nice, but we also don’t sugarcoat shit either. So if you’re looking for constructive criticism, and isn’t prone to ass-hurt[2. Butthurt, but the word “butt” is too innocent.], then this is a great place to look. Don’t make me link again. Join!!

And now for the other one, pertaining to Crestfallen, as I said last entry. More beyond the cut.

This site is going to be 3 years old in a little less than a month. Three years old. I never stayed with a domain for more than 1, so this is an accomplishment[3. Of course, this is only my third personal domain, but that’s beyond the point.]. Anyway, to celebrate 3 years, I thought that I would hold a contest. I call it “Happy Birthday, Crestfallen”. Really original, right?

Anyway, it’s said that you can remember things from when you were the age of three. Some people can remember stuff from before then (I remember when I got my hand caught on a sticky rat trap at a year old, and I remember getting my foot stuck between the steps of my aunt’s house in Jamaica at two). So what do you remember? Your assignment is to write a small paragraph (remember a paragraph is at least 4-5 sentences long) about your earliest memory. It doesn’t have to be something personal; it’s preferable that it wasn’t. If your earliest memory isn’t at three, but at…five years old, then you’re good. No older than 5 though.

Send your entries through wtfshadow [at] by March 1st. Voting starts March 2nd and ends on March 17th (coincidence? I dare not!). Entries will be on a page and will be marked anonymously until after the votes are in.

What is the prize? $3,000! In Monopoly money.

Okay, no, but you will have a free domain name (.com, .net, or .org) along with free hosting. In the event of a tie, that’s where I come in. I will flip a coin, do Eeny, Meeny, Miney, and Mo, and close my eyes and point. Not at the same time. But yeah, there will be only one winner. In the event that the winner doesn’t want it, then the second place winner will get it. In the event that second place doesn’t want it then it will go down the line until someone takes the bait prize.

I hope that I get plenty of entries–or at least more than 3. Get those entries in! I’ll be waiting.

I remember when Grandpa used to sit me in front of the radio and watch me dance as he painted. Then when I was old enough to do it myself, he made me paint his portrait right before he died. I miss Grandpa.

8 thoughts on “Contests!”

  1. Oohh, a contest! Let me see how far back I remember and if I can somehow make it interesting for others – if I can manage that, I’ll send something in 😀

  2. T-Shirts are always fun and geeky/weird ones are even better, good luck in the contest!

    I still need to do some reviews on review me, i just haven’t gotten around to it yet >_< meep!

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