I live an uneventful life. Which makes it so hard to write blogs these days. I’m also combining that with this bout of depression, but it’s uneventful regardless. So I’m going to list a few things that I just love, in light of V-*** of course.

  1. I love how buses stop right in the crosswalk. Because I love the smell of noxious bus fumes that emit from their engines while I’m walking behind it.
  2. I love how when it snows and it turns into ice on sidewalks. I also love when said ice isn’t salted on said sidewalk and becomes a dangerous mini-skating rink just waiting for an old lady to slip on it. I’m just waiting for that moment where I slip and yell out the “L” word. Beturass they’ll throw 5 bags of salt on that sumbitch real quick.
  3. I love how some people don’t get it when I say no to certain things, especially when it comes to meeting people. Usually, if I don’t want to meet you, my decision is final. That means that I don’t like you, and you should move on with your life because you’re not even on my radar.
  4. I love how people don’t listen and constantly push me in a romantic relationship with them. As much as I’d like to be in one, it doesn’t mean that I will settle with just anyone. I don’t care if you’re my friend; if I don’t see you as anything else but, don’t push it. Especially if I already told you that you’re too old for me.
  5. I love how people wake me up out of my sleep long before I want to wake up, then I can’t go back to sleep. You know what times I usually take a nap, and what times I go to bed at night[1. More like morning.] and wake up in the morning[2. Usually about 6 hours later.]. Do not disturb me.
  6. I love how I got over 1,000 posts on Snark. No, seriously, I’m not being sarcastic. I love that. It’s rare that I get 1,000 posts on many boards.
  7. I love how I say that I’m going to do something and it doesn’t happen until 3 months later. I told you, I work on Shadow Standard Time, but this is ridiculous.
  8. I love how I went through this list, and the moment I notice that it isn’t 7 items, I’ll go crazy and do a bunch of stuff to make up for it. Like taking a shower and making a V-*** themed RHSF comic. And attempting to find a color scheme to use for my next layout.

Here’s a Simshot for you though.


One thought on “Uneventful.”

  1. Congrats on 1000 posts at Snark! Not for just posting a lot, but for sticking around for quite a while 😀

    Uneventful life = poor blogging material, I agree. Maybe we should make up stories about a secret life we lead.

    And the people that inspired #3 and 4 need to go bother someone else! Sounds annoying/frustrating. No means no 😛

    Kaylees last blog post..Random thoughts on school

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