Boredom gets the best of me.

Since I have plenty of time on my hands while I’m online, I thought that I’d go on and make fonts. I did one a few weeks ago, after being inspired by Aisling’s fonts using a brush in their templates in Photoshop. The one that I made initially is the one that I use for “The Redheaded Stick Figure”, and the I’s and F’s are loosely based on my own I’s and F’s. As you can see on the comics, it’s just as crude as the drawings. Then I was bored again and messing around in Illustrator, I did this one.


I actually like how this one came out (miles) better. Yeah, the period is in the middle. I didn’t notice until it was printed. Oops. Please keep in mind that I’m doing this with only a touch pad on my laptop. Here’s another one.


I fucked this one up, and ended up doing it over, but I wasn’t quite able to duplicate it. D’oh!

My first love though is Ardent. I’ve been using it since I made it, and Angel asked for a copy. I’m proud for what it is. But yeah, me playing around in Illustrator has sparked a few more creations.

A member card that I did for Flourish.

Because I was tired of the wallpaper I was using before.

Seriously, I’ve opened up Illustrator more times than I’ve opened up Sims 2 and Perfect World combined this whole week. Note to self–invest in a tablet. Eventually.

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