Mirrored Worlds…in Sim form.

As I’m trying to get through Mirrored Worlds, I started to do some deep character development. What do I mean by this? Paint a real picture of how Mikhail and Ivy look like, then move on to Ava and Nicolai. What other way to do this than to play The Sims 2? Of course, I had to make it so that, although in the novel they’re “mirrored versions of each other”, they were easily told apart. This is pretty image heavy, so after the first image, I’ll cut it.


This is Mikhail, our main character. It’s not easy to tell, but he has an eyebrow piercing on his right eyebrow, and an earring in his left ear. That plays a role, believe it or not.


Ivy is supposed to have that “girl next door” kind of look.


Really, this hairstyle would suit Ivy better, but remember–trying to tell them apart, so I gave it to Ava instead. Note the bracelet on Ava’s left hand. Ivy has it on her right.


Nicolai. I forgot the eyebrow piercing on him, but I made sure that I got the earring.

Shake that ass!

Mikhail acting a fool. You know what? Novel version would listen to music, but not dance to it. I think I’m going to use this in some point.

This is not breakfast conversation!

Nicolai and Ava eating pancakes. Just so you know, both Ava and Ivy are Knowledge Sims and Nicolai and Mikhail are Family Sims. Why Family Sims? Probably because…oh, let me shut up now.

I cast a spell on you!

Mikhail and Ivy. In game, they actually became friends just playing a game of chess. Interesting. Just the way it’s supposed to be. (Haven’t gotten to Nicolai and Ava yet)

Yes, this was me being bored as hell. But it helped me a bit in getting inspired to write more, as weird as the idea seems. I actually did the same thing with Jora and Jericho. I ended up deleting that hood, but I still have their shots floating around somewhere. I might dig those up out of hiding.

6 thoughts on “Mirrored Worlds…in Sim form.”

  1. @Chanty – Yes and no.

    Yes, because I’m loving the fact that I can make actual full-figured Sims and have more dynamic storylines, and no because I know that it might not even run on my laptop, and if it does, SecuROM is still on it.

  2. That is definitely cool. It makes me miss playing The Sims, especially since I haven’t even upgraded to Sims 2. It’s horrible…because I am really excited about TS3. But I’ve been reading over some of your writing projects, and I definitely want to read Mirrored Worlds whenever you get it finished. It sounds like it would make a good movie. 🙂

  3. @ Nat: True, true. SuckuROM is a bitch. But I’m looking forward to REALLY customizing stuff without having to look for recolors at modthesims. And luckily I bought a new pc 2 months ago, and it can even run GTAIV so I should be fine. The minimum requirements aren’t that extreme though, especially compared to TS2!

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