Happy New Year! Wait…

This is the second new year that I’ve had this site. Holy crap. 2008 has gone way too quickly. If you’ve been stalking following my blog for the past 2.9 years, then you know that I’m highly indifferent about the new year. It hasn’t changed this year either. What’s the hoo-haa? Yes, we survived another year, but then we might survive 2009 again, and it will be the same old shit.

I always hope that shit finally goes my way in the new year. Fuck hoping; it better. I’m staring right at you, economy. We don’t want to live in fear of being piled up to our necks in bills. We don’t want to fear losing our homes because we got laid off a few months prior and can’t find another job (even retail jobs are a bit scarce). So this economy better get the shit straight for not just us Americans, but for the world. That’s right, motherfucker.

Here’s hoping that it all gets straightened out. We have less than a month before Obama officially swears in. I swear it, you’d think he was already in office with all of the press conferences he’s done so far. Most likely, I’ll be blogging again with my first annual asking podium (inspired by Amanda). But in case I get dragged out, drunk and fucked up on Wednesday, I leave you with this.

Something ain't right.

Gas prices are seriously dropping! Hell yeah. Something ain’t right. Watch the shit jump up to $10 a gallon by February.

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year! Wait…”

  1. I hope it is better. I am still not impressed with Obama, hence why I never voted for him. The thought of my grandfolks being destitute due to nixing the medicare supplement program is not exactly something that should be done right away. Something needs to be worked out a lot better to ease into this and give outlets for even the elderly. Over 60% of the US population is still over 65…and that is pretty serious!

    As fo gas… I love that I get to pay $1.56 or premium in my car instead of $4.15 over a month and a half ago. However, I also fear when it goes up again, it will be even more insane.

    Hope you have a happy new year!

    Niles last blog post..Expect to See this Week of 12/29/09

  2. I love finding people who have no fear of colorful language. Fuck is such a great word: more people should use it more often.

    May I add you to my Blog Buddies section on my blog?

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