Seven more of my favorite layouts not created by me (thank goodness).

After joining, I’m constantly exposed to many sites for review. Some good, some…not so good, and some that people may think is a waste of web space. Because my last layout post was a hit, and since I ran into some more great layouts, I decided to do it again.

Seven is my favorite number. Once again, this is multi-paged to ensure a speedy load time. Hopefully. Note: some layouts may have since been changed. PS: No voice follow this blog.

6 thoughts on “Seven more of my favorite layouts not created by me (thank goodness).”

  1. LOL @ the more-than-seven layouts. I feel silly for getting mentioned there, but I am glad you mentioned the poop. I FREAKIN LOVE POOP!!!!!!1 bwuahaha I also had no idea Rose was hosted at n0madic! I can’t believe I REMEMBER n0madic. Man, we have been friends forever, huh?? I love all the layouts you mentioned, they are all really nice people to boot. Hoorah!

  2. Those are all great layouts 🙂 I particularly like Allee’s!

    P.S. I think all these individual pages take way longer to load than one/two pages would… for my connection, at least.

  3. Thanks for including my site as one of the seven layouts 🙂 I’m definitely flattered by the inclusion.

    I love some of the other layouts that you have posted up as well, especially Allee’s and Rose’s..both are blogs which I visit frequently not just because the design is really pleasing to the eye, but the content is great as well 🙂

  4. Wow, I’m incredibly honored! The other layouts you’ve displayed are awesome. Mimi and Rose are the only sites I’ve visited before now. I feel like I’ve been missing out on a lot of awesomely pretty things!

    And I didn’t even realize the poop in Mimi’s layout until you mentioned it. And then when I went to her site I was like, “OMG, there! I see it!” Love it. Very classy. 😉 I wish I was awesome enough to pull off having poop in a layout.

  5. Thank you for including my website as one of those 7 layouts. I dropped by the rest of the sites and am I impressed. Some of them have really sleek and neat layouts. I especially like the one by Christina. 🙂

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