Dear Mother Nature…

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Dear Mother Nature,

Are you fricken kidding me? I understand that it’s December. But that’s the thing–it’s December! December 13th to be exact. This is some bullshit. 32 degrees is below average. For it to feel like…let me show you.


Okay, December. That’s expected. But this…


…is some bullshit. 50’s? It’s brick ass cold today. You’re teasing us with 50+ degree weather?! Jeebus cripes, asswipes. Give us some of that snow that you gave to them folks down in Tennessee, and stop teasing us! All this extreme warm/extreme cold fluctuation is going to get people sick. You love us, right? We love you too, MN…unless you screw with our ovaries.

Get your shit straight, hobag.

With much respect,
Nat Marie

12 thoughts on “Dear Mother Nature…”

  1. It’s super cold where I live right now (like, around -15 C) with a ton of snow, but apparently it’s going to be around +5 on Monday! With rain!!

    Yeah, the weather is all messed up 😛

  2. I’d much rather have 20 degree fluctuations than this absolute disgusting makes-me-nauseous heat we’re getting down here in summer land.

  3. Ugh the weather here has been so funky. This weekend has been freezing cold when last week was all warmish. 🙁 Mother nature hates me.

  4. People who post anonymously are not welcome at Crestfallen. Remember that line–if you have something to say, say it in someone’s face.

  5. Firstly, you should be a news anchor with that voice. And secondly, I couldn’t agree with you more! We both live in Jamaica, so I really REALLY know what you’re talking about. It’s fucking insane! Then again, I’m glad I’m not living in the Arctic like Aisling. 😛

  6. Here comes the weather fairy, pissing us off again. I’m about 3-4 hours south of you, so I completely understand.

    This is why I want to move to the southern hemisphere during this time of the year. The offer is still open if you’d like to join me.

  7. I almos freezed my ass off wallking home from the student house saturday night. it just have been at least 23°F and I was wearing a skirt. I guess I should be used to it when living in Sweden.

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