Aliens, Squid, and…Pi.

I had to laugh my ass off when I saw this. I’m using the beach theme in Gmail. I love it because it changes with the time of day. It is now about 3:30am, so it’s nighttime (thank you, Captain Obvious!), but when I checked it just now, I saw something that I never saw before on this theme.

It gets better…

Pi. What the deuce? I will admit though, those folks at Google have a great sense of humor!

6 thoughts on “Aliens, Squid, and…Pi.”

  1. I don’t get why there is a pi sign there. I am using the cherry blossom theme right now but am thinking of switching it to another one. Maybe it is time to go through the other themes provided.

  2. I love the Google themes that change with the time of the day 😀

    I laughed at the pie image XD Maybe it’s there because it’s too OMG-incredible that the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its ratio is ALWAYS 3.1415926535897(…) so aliens had to be involved! =P

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