This sucks monkeys!

Yep. Sniffles turned into a full blown cold practically overnight. What’s worse is that I had a really terrible migraine last night, which in turn made me go to bed a little earlier. But because my nose was so fricken stuffy I had to breathe through my mouth which dried out my throat, I got little sleep last night. In other words, me trying to go to bed earlier was a futile attempt. And to think that I was fine up until about Friday night. It’s Sunday and I feel fucking miserable. This sucks monkeys!

Add on Mother Nature’s Wrath (girls, you know what I mean by that), and there you go. I swear it; I need to stop cursing her out on Crestfallen–she has it in for me. I’m sorry, MN!

Okay, so other than that, I did some Amazon therapy. It’s like retail therapy, except it’s online on I’m almost finished with the 50 _____ Worse Than Yours collection. I got these two books:

And I already had these two:

The next two I get will be:

I also got a new bag, but that wasn’t from Amazon, and it was an impulse buy. Wait a minute–most of my buys are impulsive, especially under mood swings. Ah, whatever. Anyway, I’ll be fine. I told my dad to get some Tylenol Cold so hopefully it works, otherwise it’d be a complete waste of $7.00.

Another non-sequitur for the upcoming novel: Working title is “Mirror, Mirror”. That is all.

5 thoughts on “This sucks monkeys!”

  1. I reall hope you get rid of your cold soon. Seems to be a really bad one and I feel for you.
    I know what you mean with amazon therapy. I go to the swedish site and shop for books when I feel bad. It always feel better, plus you get a present a few days later.

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