It’s over…it’s really over.

So summer was over a month ago. However, Mother Nature, being the asshole she is, basically teased us with an Indian summer. Up until today, it was 70+ degrees. You could have easily gotten away with wearing a short sleeve shirt and maybe a light jacket during the nights. Today, I wore three fucking layers and I was still freezing my ass off. As I type this, it is now 53 degrees. It was no more than about 7 degrees warmer than that today.

And in turn, I was cursed with the sniffles. Now whether or not the sniffles are from a developing cold or from allergies (I get those pretty bad during the spring and fall) is a mystery. I’ll figure that out by tomorrow where allergy sniffles will go away and the cold sniffles won’t. This is what I was afraid of. I rarely get colds, but when I do get them, I’m down for the count. I didn’t get one for the whole winter last year. The winter before that I ended up getting one because I took the flu shot which fucked me up lovely. It felt just like the flu, except I wasn’t puking my brains out.

When it’s said and done, however. It’s really over. Our cold snap is here to stay. Add in the shorter days, and soon enough, we’ll be talking about the holidays and seasonal affective depression. For my sake and for the sake of my participation in NaNo next month, I hope the latter stays the hell away. I need nothing to break my concentration, especially my screwed-up moods.

And with that, I leave you with this.

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  1. Personally, I’m glad the warmer weather is gone! I love fall, and I have been itching to wear long sleeved shirts, sweaters and hoodies for quite a while now! 🙂

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