Multiple subjects in 20 words or less. (Not counting words that are less than four letters and pictures, of course.)

Job searching (subject: me and job)
It is a pain in the ass, however, it seemed to have paid off this week. Apparently my desperate determined attempts are coming head-first into my life. About fucking time.

Wow.(subject: politics)

Wow. I think Palin made a comparison between a soccer mom and a pit bull. Apparently, she’s the pit bull. She’s probably the first person to truly admit that she’s a bitch (excuse the wordplay).

Culture that ass!(subject: family and music)
My niece has been wanting me to put songs her mp3 player all week. Most of the songs she likes are on a Disney soundtrack. So I told her that I’m going to culture that ass in music. Eventually.

Addictive personalities should not play The Sims 2.(subject:me and games)
My chocolate addiction has been replaced. I play at least 3 times a week for hours on end. A few nights ago, I spent 3 hours building a smaller house for this one and his family:

And more…

My prized Sim. If the red hair isn't a dead giveaway.

The wifey of the above Sim.

The hair stylist of the only Greek House on campus.

Dear Mother Nature, (subject: fucked-up weather)
I guess you read when I said this summer was cold. Now you’re making up for it in a big way. It was warm today. But now you have Hanna coming up here, you had Gustav fuck up down south, and now, Ike? Fuck off, MN.

I should not have an image heavy entry like this ever again. (subject: website)

Didn’t expect that I had so much shit to say in pictures, but only 20 words or less in actual words. Am I slowly faltering? No, but this entry was a long time coming.

6 thoughts on “Multiple subjects in 20 words or less. (Not counting words that are less than four letters and pictures, of course.)”

  1. I love that last Sim you posted! Great hair. I get addicted to the Sims in periods, so to speak – I’ll play constantly for a week or so and then I get bored of it again.

    There’s a lot to do about Palin lately, I’m not really following it though considering I’m not American… but she sounds pretty insane, tbh.

    Good luck with that job searching!

    Freyas last blog post..Hello again!

  2. I use to eat, breathe, and sleep The Sims. That game is addictive enough that you need rehab to get rid of it. I think what stopped mine was losing the discs, no joke. If not for that, I would’ve never stopped.

    Congrats on the success of the job search and good luck culturing that ass.

  3. I’ve been trying to get out of my job, and find a new one. I’m just not satisfied with the way I’m being treated. The pay is pretty good, but not as much as a few people I know. I make 8.65 an hour as opposed to 10 – 12 dollars an hour.

    I’ve been in the mood to play the Sims lately. lol. You just sparked it even more!

    Brandys last blog post..Pieces of the puzzle, coming together.

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