Oh, no! Not you too, Flickr!!

Hai, how r u? OMGWTFBBQ?!!

For those who aren’t familiar with what this is, Flickr greets its account holders with the word “hello” in different languages. Among them are “Hola” (Spanish), “Ni hao” (Mandarin), and “Guten Tag” (German). They even have very obscure (to those who aren’t language buffs anyway) languages as well, such as “Hoi” (Dutch), and “Shalom” (Hebrew). I think I’ve even seen a “Yo” (Brooklyn, NY) a few times as well. I don’t know how many languages they have programmed, but then I saw this atrocity show up. Hai? Oh, fuck me.

6 thoughts on “Oh, no! Not you too, Flickr!!”

  1. Ha, if I was on Flickr and was greeted with that message, I’d laugh. 😛 Seems like Yahoo!’s catching on fast.

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