The Ever-So-Rare Review:Stylish Design

It’s very rare that I do site reviews, because I feel that sometimes it’s not really my place to do them. I know, I know, everyone’s entitled to an opinion, and that’s exactly why I decided to review this web design blog I came across.

Stylish Design is a relatively new site (just opened this year) run on the WordPress blogging platform, and emphasizes web design and style tips. The idea isn’t new by a long shot, but it is a new site after all; we have to give it time to flourish to make that judgment.

In terms of design, the layout is fine–easy to navigate, and very easy to read, but there are a few things that irk me. The turtle illustration confuses me. Why is it there? It doesn’t seem to fit with everything else. I have a feeling that it was just put there to make the layout look less bland (which, if it weren’t there, it would be, by the way), but it doesn’t fit. Secondly, the heart background in the “What is Stylish Design?” is also out of place. It fits in terms of colors, but the buck stops there.

Another thing I’ve noticed was the “Stylish design” title overlapping the headline. I’m pretty sure that’s unintentional. I’m viewing it in Firefox, but even in Internet Explorer (trying to keep the professionalism of this review by not saying what I really wanted to say about Internet Explorer), it still does a little bit. In case you’re curious as to what I mean…

Granted, it’s readable, but still; it’s enough to annoy.

One more thing–you have a default about page. I know you described what the site is about on your sidebar, but how about describing it in-depth in this space? Why did you develop this site? I also noticed that at the bottom sidebar (“Who is behind Stylish Design?”), you have another blurb. You can put that there as well, because as it is, that little piece is hidden where it is. More, I say! More!

All in all, Stylish Design has potential. It doesn’t quite live up to its name just yet design-wise, but with a little bit of love to the layout, we have a site that can do very well in a Web 2.0-dominated Internet. Content-wise, you’re doing the right thing. You’re keeping the blog updated regularly and relevant.

For Stylish Design, I give you 3 out of 5 Crestfallen Cats. Keep up the good work, and good luck!

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  1. Wow, you were really nice about that review. I would have been much more harsh, mainly because it looks so unbelievably cluttered. I feel like all of that information could have been displayed in a more organized way.

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