Taxi. Taxi! TAXI!!

Imagine you’re in the middle of JFK Airport in New York City, and you have your bags in hand and you’re ready to get to your hotel. You need to find a way there. You have a few options. You can take public transportation, but having to lug your baggage from JFK to the Airtrain, to possibly the Subway is a hassle. Furthermore, if you have to get to your hotel in time for check-in, then attempting to take the subway is not very reliable. You can attempt to hail a taxi, but some of them either will not stop or be full. Then when one stops, you’re going to quickly regret it, because if you’re in traffic, that meter doesn’t stop, and to go from Queens to Manhattan in those conditions will run you about $50. That $50 can help with buying food from the many gourmet restaurants. That is, unless you want to live on pizza for the whole visit (which isn’t too bad either, but I live here, and I would like gourmet food sometimes).

But there’s a solution to all your upcoming travel woes. is a NYC car service that will chaffeur you all around NYC and New Jersey. Whether it’s to go to a Broadway show, or even to a Mets game, you can be assured that limousine service will be there for you. It’s easy to make reservations as well. You can go online and make them 24 hours in advance, or if you forget, there is also a very easy number to call. I’ll give you a hint–7.

So don’t stress yourself out during vacation! is there for you!

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