Cualquier. (Whatever)

I went for my interview (which was more like “fill out an application, let’s see if you qualify, and let’s talk for about 10 minutes) and on the application there was 25 pages of personality assessment.

Basically the same 5 questions, just worded differently 10 times over.

After going through all that, the manager says I’m in the “yellow”. They only accept “green”. So basically at this point it’s either they’ll take it, or they won’t. If they do, they start me on minimum wage. $7.15.

Let’s consider the following: just today, I took 3 buses. It’s $2 for the first bus, a free transfer for the second, and another $2 for the third. And that’s going. $4 just going. Going back home was another $4. So that’s $8 in total for the day. If I get this job, and I work say…3 days (because since the theater is small, they usually don’t get too much traffic, hence, everyone’s on a part-time schedule), at $7.15 an hour for 8 hours. That’s $171.60 for the week (before taxes mind you), and $686.40 for the month, before taxes.

Now if you calculate how much money I’m spending for transportation ($8×3), that’s $24 for the week. That’s $96 a month. So deducting that from the wages, I have $147.60 for the week, $590.40 for the month.

If you count lunch, which ranges from $5 to $7 every day I work. $5×3=$15 a week. $15×4=$60 a month. Bringing lunch from home is not an option. Food that I actually enjoy is rarely in my house. I’m also getting tired of eating the same shit for dinner, let alone lunch.

147.60-15=$132.60 a week. $590.40-60=$530.40 a month.

Now, let’s talk about taxes. They take out roughly $13 for the week. That’s just one week. Obviously it will be $13×4=$52 for the month.

Hence, for the week, the net is dwindled down to roughly $119.54 for the week, $478.16 for the month. Ouch much? That’s spending cash.

Now, a lot of people would have a grand time with $478. But there’s one more thing to consider–bills. I have student loans up the yin yang, and a few small credit cards (I have a bigger one that my dad helps out a bit with). The student loans by itself eats up about $200. So when that’s done, I’m left with $278. That’s not counting the other bills.

So ultimately, I’ll end up in the same situation (if not worse) like I was in when working at Target.

You know it’s bad when my mom is basically telling me to say no to the job. She wants me to get one. Just one that will pay me more than $7.15.

Hmph. This sucks. They said they’d call (which is translated to “fuck you, become a hooker” in job language). There’s a small part of me that’s saying that if they don’t call, then it’s probably for the best. There’s a $10/hr job somewhere. Until then…whatever.

In other news, I’m revisiting the original idea of P739. Join and see exactly what the original idea was.

And while you’re at it, join Ecstasy. I’m Nyree.Kage; in it. 😉

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  1. Ahh I know how you feel!!! It’s never enough! UGH I hate real life. I got a credit card bill up my ass, too. Only 5k but sheesh!!! I love how you calculated all that in your blog LOL That made me laughzorz XD Well, hopefully you can find a kick ass job that pays $578578.5/hour. lol .5! ILY Nat!!

  2. That really sucks about that job. I wouldn’t take it either. I don’t think $7.15 is all that bad (not for here anyway) but you’re right, after taxes, transportation and lunch, it doesn’t leave you with much for bills, or heck even spending money. Nobody wants to work if you can’t afford to shop!!! 😛

    Student loans are a pain in the ass. I just got done paying off about $40k worth of loans. That’s enough to make someone sick. Oo

    Hope you find somewhere that pays a lot more!

  3. Oh my, I hope you find and get that $10/hour job, soon. With bills and whatnots, it’s good to have money for yourself as well. 😀

  4. I’m sorry about your situation. You better get that $10/hr job, or else I’ll go beat up somebody for you. It sucks working and not having extra cash to spend on yourself.

  5. Honestly, I wouldn’t even consider taking the job in your situation. It’s bad enough you have to pay for a bus, and I know what you mean about lunches. Seriously, sometimes it’s cheaper to be unemployed.. and I’m not even trying to be funny. I know you have probably been given tons of advice on this and probably are sick of hearing it.. but I’m gonna give you my 2 cents anyway. Having had several different types of jobs, and been through the “application and interview” process a million times over, I can pretty much consider myself an expert here. (sadly enough) Anyway, my advice to you is this. Before you even apply for a job, consider EVERYTHING. Mostly, the distance away from home, the hours you can work, and the pay. Secondly, don’t go for just any old job. Obviously your computer skills are pretty good, considering you are capable of running your own website, perhaps a part-time office job, or a job at your local cable company or any local internet service provider might work. Also, even if they aren’t advertising, places like phone companies, banks, local credit card companies.. are always looking for phone reps, and customer service reps. They usually start at AT LEAST 9-10 bucks an hour. Don’t apply for a job just because you need a job. Apply for a job because you want one, or because you could actually see yourself enjoying working at the place you applied at. Also, go for small, independently owned and operated companies. I say this because those types of companies are more willing to give you a chance if you don’t have the experience they require.. and usually are more willing to hire someone based on their personality rather than work experience. (Unlike the place with the standard questionnaire that they make everyone fill out and then tell you that you are a “yellow” and they only accept “green”). One more thing. Know your worth. You are worth more than $7.50 per hour, and there are alot of employers out there that realize that and are willing to pay you what you are worth. I mean honestly, if someone isn’t willing to pay you properly for what your time is worth, then they probably aren’t the type of company/person you want to be working for anyway! Sorry for such a long comment. Good luck with the job search!!

  6. I know how you feel, I’m only living on 6 hundred some odd dollors a month, with bills and everything it kills. like seriously kills. rawr. I hope you find a job soon.

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