Conversations with an insomniac.

I just realized something. Whenever I’m coding a new theme for here, I tend to stay up a little longer than I intend to just so I can get it as perfect as it’s going to get. Then when it comes time to wake up at 6 in the morning, it’s hell.

I’m not even supposed to be home right now. But I went to bed at 3 last night, then at 6 (but I guess this has something to do with the fact that every month I’m already weakened), I could not wake up. For the past few months, I’ve been running on 3 hours of sleep, for a grand total of 15 a week, excluding weekends. Besides the occasional mood swings and the caffeine crash because of the 20 oz of Pepsi I down during the day, I was pretty much functional. Today, not only did I feel weak, but I have a headache the size of fucking Asia. Sad part about this is that for this kind of headache, no amount of Tylenol will work. But I’m keeping on. I miss playing Spades today, but hey, there’s tomorrow. Hopefully.

As for that theme I was working on last night (while helping Angel with her new board nonetheless), I finished it, and it is now up as a theme to choose from. I’ll tell you a few things. Number one, I’m not entirely sure whose font this is. It may be Eshita’s, but I remember seeing it on Radiant (I think it was Radiant) a year or so ago, and fell in love with it almost immediately, but wasn’t able to work it into anything. Number two, I had to look at a picture of wasabi peas to have an idea of how they look. I’ll admit that. Number three, I saw this scheme on Colourlovers and the name of it was called Ginger and Wasabi. It might be too loud for some, so I’m keeping the summer theme up longer (and since summer isn’t over yet). But in case you want to check Wasabi! out, here is the link. And in case you’re wondering about the line, wasabi peas are usually eaten with sushi. You know what I think about sushi. šŸ˜› And it was intended to be as fluid as it can be.


In other website news, now that I got the little bit of inspiration out for this theme out the way, it’s time to work on coding the layout for Antihero. What I am intending to do is turn it into a portfolio/content site. Why combine the two? Because I had a vision of having Firefox themes, Windows themes, and other stuff that everyone and their momma doesn’t have. None of them worked out that way. So I’m left with icons and wallpapers, and if I have big enough cajones, WordPress themes. I guess I’ll make it what I can and see how it goes. I added on the portfolio because that in itself isn’t going to be too large. Whatever, I’ll figure it out in a few months.

I’m going to be doing some plugwhoring. I’ll start with P739. If you’re at least 17.5 years old, then you can join here. I’m working on getting more people to join who’ll be active and possibly have someone help me in running the board since I’m winging it alone. It’s a pain winging it alone. I’m also considering looking back at the initial idea for P739, which was a zine made for the older crowd. The reason I did away with it was because I wasn’t getting any help in it, and even with the board I’m not getting as much help as I would like…so hey, it’s not working either way.

And I will plug Angel, who is now a newlywed. I am very happy for her. One of these days when I’m 70 years old, dried up and coochie smelling like dried dead fish, I’ll marry one of my cats. Unless someone wants to take a chance with me. Hm. Anyway, go visit Angel. I’m sure she’ll appreciate it.

If you paid attention to any of my Tweets, you’d know that I asked an interesting question. In case you didn’t, or did and didn’t remember:

How do you react to a male friend putting his leg on your lap? Someone want to enlighten me?

I ask anyone (I’ve posted this on a few message boards, and it would be great to have a third, fourth, or five thousandth opinion): How the hell would you react? But let’s sweeten the pot a little bit. Here are more things to consider:

1)He’s poked me in the sides on numerous occasions. (Completely oblivious to the fact that he really is hitting my spot.)
2)”You want me to pull your bra strap?” ‘Nuff said.
3)Constantly asking me for chocolate and Pepsi, knowing damn well that I am the worst person to ask for both.
4)He says something snide and then when I catch on, he ends it with “just playing”.
5)He never used to stay after 3:15pm at the program. Now, if I’m there, he is.
6)He’s slapped me on the leg a few times.
7)Random neck massages.
8)He’s put his leg on my lap on numerous occasions. The last time he did it, I asked him what if I did that to him, he said “I wouldn’t mind”.
9)A basketball to the left foot, which is the worst of the both. ‘

You know the sad thing about this is that two of my friends say that he does like me, BUT I still don’t see it, or maybe I’m starting to believe it, but don’t want to because… me? Someone likes me?! Yeah right. Anyway, given that, what would you think? How would you react? It doesn’t help that I only see him once a week now, and I’m starting to miss having him around. I never used to…what the fuck is wrong with me?!!!

Anyway, my headache is getting the best of me. I’m going to take a nap for a little. Laters.

7 thoughts on “Conversations with an insomniac.”

  1. You should really consider catching up on sleep. I’m sure it won’t harm you, probably only help you, lol.

    As for the theme… it is a bit bright! I like the colors, although to be quite honest it reminds me of a watermelon, more then anything, but you’re right it is a bit loud.

    So about this guy. I’d have to agree with your friends, it sounds like he likes you. Especially since his habits have changed.

    And yes, someone does like you, get over your initial shock and if you’re interested… do something about it! =D

  2. The theme is great! Bright, but good nonetheless… I really like it šŸ™‚ Angel is right actually… watermelon is a great way to describe it šŸ™‚ I like watermelons so I don’t mind the colours one bit.

  3. Ughh I hate headache. It drives me crazy and I feel like banging my head on the wall when I had it. It sucks ain’t it? I do waking up late when I changed some themes in my site cos I want to get everything perfect then only I can go to sleep. A perfectionist indeed haha.. Well hope you feeling better now.

  4. I do that all the time. I almost got sucked in last night working on a layout at 10 last night but I got into bed before I did. My son I knew would wake up at 6 and I knew I would feel like crap.

  5. hahaha I do that with making layouts all the time (or any project for that matter)…I can’t go to bed till I’m completely finished! Or I’ll just get frustrated and delete the whole thing and then go to bed. LOL

  6. I do that. I stay up for all hours of the night just to see how much of a layout I can get done. And when i do go to bed I think about what I can do to make it better. I need to get out more.
    UGh I hate headaches more than I hate getting a cold, and I’m downright miserable when I have a cold.

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