Vista: From a new user.

As I said in my last blog, I am now a proud owner of this loverly (holy crap, that came out to be a word?!) lappy right here.

about time! New Lappy!

It is an HP nx7300 with 1GB RAM (expandable to 4GB), 120GB hard drive, Intel Celeron M 1.73GHz processor, and it runs on Windows Vista Home Basic.

All right, after hearing about how buggy and shitty Vista is, I was apprehensive of getting a computer with it on there, but unfortunately, if you look around, most of the computers these days have Vista pre-installed on them. So I basically have to deal. Besides, Microsoft is (supposedly) smart enough to have new updates to squash bugs.

Let’s start with the aesthetics of Vista, shall we? I think the one thing that I absolutely hated about XP was that if you wanted a different color toolbar/theme, you had to have WindowBlinds. While WindowBlinds is a formidable program, it’s still a little…raw. Why, shall you ask? I tried to get the colors for the new theme perfect, and it didn’t work out too well. I even went to make themes for distribution on Antihero, and that…was a pain, and even through sweat, blood, and homicidal ideations, I still wasn’t able to get it right. So back to Vista. I freaking love how it’s set up. On the left side of the desktop, you have a clock, and rotating photos. Granted, some people say that this is a pretty useless feature. I find it really cute. And if you don’t want it on your desktop, then you can easily get rid of it. Then you can easily change the color of your theme. For example, I have a purple kind of theme going on, as seen in the screenshot below:


All you had to do to get that effect is to go to personalize after right-clicking on your desktop. Then go to window and theme color, or something along those lines. You have 8 colors to pick from, and from those 8 colors you can change the intensity of the color. Or…you can use the color mixer, and get your own color through that. It works the way that WindowBlinds would for XP, just that you don’t need to download another program.

On the Start Menu, there’s a lot more clicking, but it’s for the best. Click on Start, and you’ll see the normal stuff, and the all programs button. Instead of collapsing to the side, it covers the main menu and has an up-down scrollbar. Once you have programs up the ying yang, you’ll see how useful this can be. Remember in XP (and ancient versions prior) where the Start Menu would literally cover up your desktop? That is a thing of the past.

Now, I won’t say that Vista doesn’t have any cons. It really does have its cons. For example, you pretty much have to accept every program you install. It’s a pain in the ass, but then it can be used to stave off nasties. Once you get the gist of it, clicking “accept” for legit programs is second nature. Mainly because you know that there’s nothing wrong with them. But the feature itself…think about asking every time to go to the bathroom when you have diarrhea. Nothing to it though; I’m used to it already.

There’s another feature called Credential Manager. Honestly, this is one of those features that I will never use, and having the thing pop up every time I put a password in is annoying. Here’s a solution: press “no”, and be like how you would be with telemarketers and crack dealers. Just say no!

There’s also the compatibility issues with programs. I found a list of programs on Google that was confirmed to work with Vista. So I skimmed through the list to weed out the programs I use, and I found that most of them were compatible with Vista, so that fixes that issue. If you’re not sure of what works and what doesn’t, check out this list. All in all, it seems like most popular programs work with it.

There you have it, my review of Windows Vista. Please keep in mind that I’m nothing more than a user. I do not work for Microsoft, so this is unbiased to an extent. Well, to a full extent. I also thought that I’d post something that wasn’t so one-gendered, lol.

6 thoughts on “Vista: From a new user.”

  1. With all the negative reviews I’ve read on Windows Vista it’s refreshing to come across a positive review, or a mostly positive review anyway. It certainly sounds visually pleasing. The feature that allows you to customise the colours to your liking would certainly suit me, and the ability to further customise the intensity of the colour sounds great. I’m still quite content with Windows XP though, so I think I’ll be sticking with it for a while.

  2. Windows Vista sounds pretty cool, i’ve heard alot of stuff about it. I think i’ll be sticking to my Windows XP until it dies. LOL.

  3. I like your laptop, I have one of each. I have tried windows vista through my neighbor and I didnt really care for it, Shes had alot of problems so far 🙁

  4. “I tried to get the colors for the new theme perfect, and it didn’t work out too well.”

    Are you talking about coloring skins? If so, not all skins will take color changing well because of the design of the skins. There are many skins that will take color changes.

  5. Great review on Windows Vista! I am an old-timer and still use Windows XP, so it is neat hearing about the latest and greatest. 🙂 Glad to hear that you love your laptop too. I wish I had a new laptop as mine is getting kind of old, haha.

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