A rant about bras.

All right, men, I don’t really expect you to read this, but if you do, thanks anyway.

Last night, I went on this website that matches your body to jeans, and now bras. I’ve been checking because it’s really hard to find bras for the boobage I have. I’m seeking the “perfect bra”, so to speak. So I go on this website, and they give you this survey. Everything goes fine until it gets to a point where they say what size do you usually buy. It turns out that they have a selection up to 40 E. So basically anyone larger than that is pretty much fucked. I put my size, then my (estimated) weight. Then I’m flabbergasted. It came up as an error.

Apparently, if you’re larger than 200 pounds, you’re fucked too. But yet, and this is a question for the big girls to answer, we’re the ones with the bra issue. Why the hell is it that this site that’s supposed to help all women find that perfect bra that won’t give the woman the 4-titty syndrome? I’m going to a wedding (which I’m not thrilled about going, but since it’s family, I’m kind of obligated to go) next month. It’s hell finding a dress my size. Finding a bra? Forget it. Without saying much about my bra size, I will say that I wore one that wasn’t my size (or so I thought), and it fit perfectly. Thing is, it’s larger than a D. Anything larger than a D cup is an absurd amount of money. $50 and up. $50, and it’s just the basic colors? Nah.

That’s another thing–I go into Vicky’s Secret sometimes, and I’m in love with some of the bras there. Problem is that they don’t have bras large enough for my mammoth mammories. They have roses and flowers and pinks and lavenders and…I’m stuck with three colors–black, beige, and white. As if us well-endowed women don’t need flowers on our bras. It’s rather annoying to see that. I want to see a bra that didn’t come in bland colors. Granted, I love the color black, but when that’s the only color bra you have…ugh, yeah. Need I say more? Can some high-end designer help us big-boobaged women?! We want colorful bras, dammit! (Or at least I do, haha) Or at least bras that don’t cost $100 for one. Some people just cannot pay that kind of money.

In other news, I got a new laptop, and I know what I’m going to do with Antihero. I’ll keep it short and sweet because I have no choice. I’m out of shit to say, lol.

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  1. I have the opposite problem when it comes to bras…but it’s just as irritating.And I can’t ever find ANYTHING that fits, including bras, pants, shirts, dresses…shoes. I’m short..way to short…so pants never fit me. Shopping has become more of a chore…

  2. I’m a larger girl too, and it’s so annoying to never be able to find a nice-looking dress that fits. If I find a nice one that I like, it’s always two sizes too small. And shopping in plus size stores is a hassle. They’re always 50 miles out of the way and everything costs three times as much, and they don’t have ANY selection in formal dresses.

    I’m only a C, so I don’t have too much trouble finding bras (though from B to C you lose like 50% in cuteness), but my mum’s bigger and she can’t find anything that doesn’t pull or annoy her somehow, and she gets really jealous that I can find cute ones with ribbons and in more than two colors. Apparently if you have bigger boobs, bra companies just don’t care about you.

    I’m scared to go in Victoria’s Secret. I’ll probably go in there and find something I like and say “Oh, these are cute! …but they only come in a size 5…”

    Someone could make a killing designing better-priced, better-designed bras and panties for us bigger girls. Just because we’re not that super-annoying lady on the NutriSystem commercial that goes “I’M A SIZE 2” doesn’t mean we’re not people.

    I’ve practically given up on finding cute clothes until I get back under 200 pounds.

  3. I have yet to have trouble with bra sizes, but I know the frustration when it comes to clothes and hell… even shoes. Overweight people don’t exist when it comes to the world of clothes. If they fixed things up, they’d make more money.

    There’s a certain way to measure what your bra should be. If you google it, you should be able to find it. And in fact, once I went into JcPenny, and they do a bra-analysis right there and then. I think they did a good job….

    I sure hope you find someone. Four boobs aren’t that attractive nor are squished boobs. lol. $50 and $100 is outrageous!!

  4. I am a larger girl, as well..and I definately know where you are coming from with this. It is quite difficult for me to find the right size, and everything also. LOL @ the colors…because that is the same with me. I swear I only own White, Beige or black bras…it’s quite ridiculous!! Same with the clothing, you can’t find anything in your size anywhere! I hate it! Thank god for Fashion Bug, although they are still expensive. 🙁

    I really hope you can find something. Try looking at HANES.com thats where I got alot of mine.

  5. Some of my friends have been able to find bras that fit their sizes. They’ve gone to Lane Bryant, and another a place called “Fashion Bug.” As for other names, I apologize I can’t be of more help.

    Yes, unfortunately, the bra industry doesn’t cater to those with larger sizes. =T

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