Never on a cold day in hell…

…would it ever be this hot!

I love summer. I do. But when you’re sweating like a pig on a spit after taking a shower, that’s where to draw the line. I swear it; by the time I’m finished with this entry, I’m going to smell like ass and corn chips again. 90-something degree weather–no fun whatsoever. I really feel sorry for those folks in the west. 127-degree weather is something that I hope I never experience.

So, basically, I was going to do this yesterday, but due to my basement being the warmest hottest place in my house, and since that’s where the computer is, I didn’t want to withstand all that. Nothing much has happened since last week though. I’m still looking for a job, and I’m getting some help along the way. Honestly, I’m a bit discouraged, because I can’t even count how many resumes I sent out, and not even one response. I guess they say that patience is a virtue, but dammit, I need the money. Good thing I’m having some pocket money from PayPerPost. But that’s what it is at the moment, so I can’t rely heavily on that. Someone is going to contact a few people about jobs in theaters. If there are any leads, and if I can score an interview, that would be loads of help.

Hm. If anything else of interest comes up, I will make another entry. Right now, I’m having blogger’s block. Or a blogger brain fart. Either way, this entry is abbreviated. Sorry, yall.

8 thoughts on “Never on a cold day in hell…”

  1. Global warming at its best, as I told my friend the other day. But thank God for the rain this morning. It’s been really hot around here (Singapore) too.
    Good luck on getting a job!

  2. It’s winter over here but I hate summer, too! What with all the stinky sweating, foul mood and higher crime rate… I’ve also been trying to try to find a job, but I couldn’t even start writing my resume… At least you did something. :S

  3. Oh you should watch out! That kinda heat couldn’t it possibly damage a computer? o____o Ive been beating the heat by staying inside next to my a/c. Luckly I have a laptop so I can follow the cool air, heh. Goodluck on the Job Search 🙂

  4. 🙁 my boyfriend’s parents air conditioner died the weekend we were up to see them in eastern kentucky, and i thought i was going to die… even with 9,000 fans going.

  5. That’s the weather we have it over here like 365 days. Air cond is a must in every home in our country now haha.. I hate hot weather cos it makes me sweat like hell bleh…

  6. the weather at where I am now is pretty
    unpredictable since it can rain one moment
    and shine on another.

    well, hope you hear from a job opening soon!
    don’t give up trying (:

  7. I really hate it when that happens to me too. You take a nice shower and clean up from the sweat and then it comes back again! I wish summer was as warm as it was, but without all that humidity.

    Best of luck to you in searching for a job! I tried looking for summer jobs last summer and was so angry when I got nowhere.

  8. i recently watched fun with dick and jane…. and you having trouble with the job hunt is reminding me of their robbery and weirdo scemes. dunno if u’ve seen it, if u haven’t it’ll make no sense. i think u should watch it if u haven’t lol. but somethings gotta turn up at some point.

    i HATE summer with a great passion. im more of a fall/winter gal. xD but that’s crazy hot… anything above 100*F

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