Desperately Seeking: Vacation

Last year, I went on an impromptu vacation to Florida with my family. It was lots of fun; we went to the famous theme parks, but we never made it to the beach. My aunt went to rent a house for my cousin and his fiancée. I went there a few times, and it was in a beautiful area, and it was quiet during the night. Seeing as I’ve lived in the hustle bustle of the city for all my life, this was a pleasant change.

I’d do it again. I don’t think I’d go to Florida though. Some of my lifetime goals is to get married, have children, and vacation in Hawaii. Before I go, however, I want to look into Maui vacation rentals or Kauai vacation rentals. Of course, this is just a possibility; it’d be great if I did, but if anything I can go closer to home and rent in the Caribbean. In any event, whenever that time comes where I can afford to go on another vacation, I’m going to look into home rentals. I mean, it may be cheaper in the long run, right?

There are plenty more places where you can rent vacation houses over there at Check it out! I have, and my are those houses pretty!