Warning: Bitch Mode Commencing.

Now if I sound a bit snippy and depressed in this entry, don’t mind me. I’m just annoyed and missing Fucking Gorgeous. I will start with two WTF Moments. Haven’t done that in a while.

WTF Moment: Fashion Faux Pas #4, 5, and 6

All right, so as of late it’s been pretty warm, especially this week so far, so I’m going to see a few things that are going to annoy me a bit. Today, I’m walking home with two of my friends from the program, and I see a girl, most likely high-school aged, with a skirt so freaking short that if she’s not careful, you can see her drawers. I whisper to one of my friends, “damn, can that skirt be any shorter?” I don’t mind when people wear skirts, even though I’m not very comfortable in one anymore. But it makes me wonder…if she’s in high school, doesn’t the school tell them to change? Or….maybe she was playing hooky all along. In any event, whether or not you can pull it off, if you can’t safely bend down to pick something up without giving all the old drunk perverts a free peak show, then don’t wear the damn skirt.

Secondly, I know that hair coloring and colored extensions are all the rage these days, but some people can pull off certain colors, and others just can’t pull off those same colors even if they prayed to a higher being. This is mostly because of complexion differences. With that being said, if you’re so black that you’re purple, then have mercy on other people’s eyes and don’t wear purple extensions or dye your hair purple.

Lastly, I like how pearls and beads are becoming a budding trend, but some people are just trying too hard. So hard that they forget to match it with something on their wardrobe. Sweetie, if you’re wearing a yellow top and it doesn’t have a damn thing that’s pink on it, then don’t wear pink beads. Unless it’s supposed to be that way. Someone wants to fill me in on that? I’m not entirely familiar with the trend, and it’s probably a good thing, because eventually it’s going to end.

WTF Moment: If you have dragging tendencies, don’t wear flip-flops.

I actually think that it’s still a little too early for flip-flops, but it’s becoming prevalent these warmer days. Today at the program, there’s this one woman who wears flip-flops, but done forgot how to pick up her gawddamn feet. So when she’s near (and she doesn’t even need to be near–you can hear her from across the damn building), all you hear is “click, clock, click, clock…” Motherfucker, pick up your damn feet! I swear it; my ears were crying bloody murder!

Now that I got that out the way, I will tell you what else is bugging me. I would have been a lot worse for wear earlier this week, so that’s why I didn’t do the entry until tonight. But…I’m going through that lonely phase. Like I said, it’s probably because I’m missing Fucking Gorgeous. But my need/want for cuddling has increased dramatically in the past few weeks. It goes beyond sex (even though I am horny by default). I just want to be held. I think I said that I wanted a make-out session before the end of this month. I do, don’t get me wrong, but that may not happen. But I still want to cuddle, dammit. Cuddling with teddy bears is nice and all, but there’s something about a guy’s cuddle that would make me feel so much better right now. I’m also under a bit of stress and I have three escapes–the internet, my friends, and Fucking Gorgeous.

What in the bejesus is wrong with me? Am I just that smitten, or am I just that delusional and lonely? I think it’s both, but what do I know?

I spoke about this in group therapy (which I hate with a burning passion), and I literally broke down. Then one of the guys there was like “oh, why you crying? Your medication probably isn’t working.” That sent me over the top, even though I said nothing of it. How the fuck dare he say some fucked-up shit like that? I probably would have said something if I wasn’t so upset at everything else. All in all, I’ve just had a bit of a fucked-up end of the week, early week.

My friends made me feel a little better. Yesterday I was just a mess all around, so I guess they noticed this (and they probably didn’t, but wanted to be extra nice anyway), and they got me a present. A pink fuzzy bunny. Please keep in mind that I also have a fixation on pink fuzzy bunnies for some reason. It made me smile. I told them that my Myspace display name is “Pink Kamikaze Fuzzy Bunnies”. It’s a long story as to why I have this fixation on fuzzy bunnies, but I will tell you that it all started in college, and no I wasn’t drunk nor high.

On the web project front, still looking for guinea pigs for the review site, which I, for some interesting reason, call it Crestfallen Butterfly Reviews. Because everything else is bland or overused. I have everything written down and set up. All I need to do is fix WordPress up, but I didn’t want to even install it until I get a volunteer. It will be fun, I promise. Hopefully.

Now that I have depressed you, I’m just going to leave you with this.

If he won’t lick you, don’t blow him.

5 thoughts on “Warning: Bitch Mode Commencing.”

  1. Wow, you’ve got some crazy ass people walking around NY. This is why I will never live there lol. From the sounds of it the people there just don’t have any damn common sense.

    Anyway about FG maybe you should just take the risk and just ask him out. You never know what may or may not happen and you know what…? You only live once, so you should just take that plunge.

    What kind of guinea pigs are you looking for for your review site? Let me know and I may consider.

  2. I totaly agree with the whole mini skirt & hair extentions things 😐 Some people are so stuck up they don’t care if they look like sluts, I guess…
    Aha, nice ending line 😀

  3. Wow, I am really sorry that you are going through alot right now. I completely understand the bit about you wanting to be held/cuddled but I think everyone goes through that at one time or another. Atleast you have your friends that made things a little better. I hope things get better and nice ending note! 🙂

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