Lawsuits, Love, and Blank Canvases.

All right, if it seems like I’m a bit scatterbrained today, I’m sorry. I’m kind of forcing myself to blog to keep up with my 1-blog-a-week quota, and really I would love for it to be more, but it’s days like this that prevents it from happening. Oh well. Damn me for having a less-than-exciting life.

Let’s see…I left off with the crush having some…ahem, choice words. I decided to put my cajones to the test. On Thursday, we were standing in the hallway, and he took out his phone and he was ready to call someone. I asked him playfully (but intentionally) if he was calling his girlfriend. He said “no girlfriend”. Ka-ching! Well, now that we got that out of the way, let’s see what happens next, huh? That was probably the ballsiest thing I have ever done. I do mean ever, and I’ve done some pretty ballsy things. And I will leave it at that.

I went to my second niece’s birthday party over the weekend, and I will say this–the arcade we went to (staying unnamed by the way) is lucky I’m not fond of the court system. Unless they’d be sued up the asshole. All right, in order for this to make sense, I think I need to start at the beginning. Me, my nephews, and a few of their friends went on this simulator ride, and the thing about this ride is that they tell you to hold on to the guard rails, but that isn’t enough. We were moving, and I was sliding every which way. I hit both my knees on the metal bars, and my left wrist on the side of the ride. Since then, both my knees and my left wrist has been hurting. To make matters worse, I was playing cards today, and I inadvertently smashed the same wrist on the table. Now it’s swollen. Yay. Slightly, but if you compared them, you’d see the difference. I can type and write, thank goodness, but I can only hope that I don’t fuck up and hit it again.

Now for a big plugwhoring. She needs to stick with one domain for more than a few months. Seriously. But she deserves it anyway because she rocks. Miss Angel now has SMITTEN.NU. She said something about turning Muah into a wedding site, so it’s not going completely to waste, but like I said, I cannot keep up with her. Angel, you know I love you, right, lol.

I’m happy that there isn’t any rain this past week, and now it’s warm. Very warm. Central Park got up to 85 degrees today, tying the record set in 1996. And you know what’s fucked up about all this? It’s all part of an elaborate plan for that hussy Mother Nature to tease us. 85 degrees today, 50 on Friday. Shorts and flip-flops today; a freaking parka on Friday. This whole thing with global warming is just messing everything up, so even near the equator it’s all screwed up.

On the online front, I’ve been a tad uninspired in graphics, namely graphics for P739. It’s really hard to find decent pictures these days. The thing is that if I’m going to use a famous person (so to speak), I’ll use models. Your run-of-the-mill actors and bands just isn’t my cup of tea. I would love it if I just had enough inspiration to draw something, so I can scan and stuff. It’s just not happening right now. I’m doing some content experimentation for Antihero, and it’s the matter of actually finishing them. I start them, and I never finish. Or it takes a little while longer to figure it out. My goal for that project is to come out with content that no one has, or very little people have patience for. I will just leave it at that, but just to let you know that I have not given up on the project.

That’s all for this week. Gawd, that just sounds horrible. But at the moment, it’s true. Laters, folk.

5 thoughts on “Lawsuits, Love, and Blank Canvases.”

  1. Ohhhh the weather around here was so wonderful these past few days, wasn’t it?! I did not want to come inside for anything! Too bad it’s getting rainy again.
    I went to a not-so-great arcade this weekend too… it was just… not very great, haha. It was really dirty… Usually I’m not too stringent on arcades being clean, but this one was just NASTY. Bleh!

    Good luck with all your ballsy-ness with the crush, and with finding some inspiration! 🙂

  2. I never blog as much as I want to, either. There is just nothing interesting to say sometimes!
    I’m glad your cajones are working just fine. Good luck with the crush!
    And your right, I was cold again today after the most beautiful weekend. Bi-polar weather. -_-

  3. Good luck with the crush, hun. It’s good to get ballsy once in a while, especially where boys are involved. We’re often more ballsy than they are.

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