*flips a bird* Take it, sit on it, and hop.

I’m a tad irritable this week too, but I’ve just had a very rough few days, and I will just say that I had a few family stuffs going on, so I wasn’t online for a those few days. Just so the people who were wondering where I disappeared off to.

Basically this week, besides this was just very uneventful. My nephews came to NY on Tuesday night, and I had to take a train all the way to Penn Station just to pick them up–and it took me about a half an hour to find them. I mean, how hard was it to find two high-yellow 17-year-old boys with big-ass bookbags? Yeah, it was pretty bad. And since I’m not a big fan of rush hour or large congregations of people (and this was the worst of both worlds), it was not an easy feat. But it was all good. They accused me of being blind (which I’m not–I just have a poor sense of direction–I can go somewhere then return to it and still get lost), but hey, whatever. Those are the little brothers I’ve never had. They’re supposed to be a tad annoying, no?

Then their brother and sister (and my sister) came up the next day for my niece’s birthday. That was pretty much the last morning I had any kind of sleep. See, I don’t get plenty of sleep during the week because I go to bed at 3 and wake up at 6:30 in the morning for my program, but seeing as I’m home for a few days, and since I’m naturally sleep deprived to an extent, I am not a force to be reckoned with. Every morning thereafter, they would all wake up at 9 am, all of them trying to wake me up and I’m trying to beat the hell outta them (to no avail–and I really didn’t want to do it, but if I don’t need to be up, then dammit, leave me be). Today, I just snapped. I kicked everyone out my room so I can catch a nap. I’m still irritable, but before the nap, I was a gazillion times worse.

Yeah, one of my nieces is now 7. Seven. I’m so feeling old right now. I remember when I held her in my arms when she was only a couple of months old. Now…this girl is just seriously out of control. Not out of control as in overly rude, but more on the “where the fuck does she get her dry sarcastic humor from?!” I’m telling you, the things she say are just hilarious. I told her that with a mouth like hers, she had better get straight A’s in school. She’s doing well so far, lol. My 17-year-old nephews are going to be turning 18 in July. Speaking of feeling old…I remember when we used to beat the hell out of each other–and yet I would have got in trouble for it, lol.

I do training for All Stars tomorrow. Then after that, I’m going out with friends to the movies. Apparently it’s a “double date”, and I don’t exactly like the idea of it being called that seeing as the person I’m going with is not someone who I like like that. Furthermore, I have my heart set out for someone. If he only knew…oh, if he only knew.

(yeah, I’m a very sad individual who is stalkingly infatuated with someone who is most likely not interested in me. Go figure.)

Because I wasn’t online for a few days, obviously P739 is a bit behind schedule, but I will probably get it up by the night of the 8th. And I guess this is the time where I ask if you have any theme ideas, or if you want to make a theme, please send it to choiceofcinderel at aim dot com (obviously encrypted because of the spamming motherfuckers around). If you’re going to make one, anything is pretty much accepted, as long as it’s not pornographic. šŸ˜€

But that’s pretty much it. I know, short blog in comparison to the other one, but I just have a bit of a clouded mind and a rather boring life. Should be around next week. Laters.

8 thoughts on “*flips a bird* Take it, sit on it, and hop.”

  1. Hahah~ sometimes I’m not able to find people even when they’re standing right infront of me. Didn’t you say you would meet them at a meeting point? I know some stations in The Netherlands have those, so you’re able to find eachother quickly šŸ˜€ Being sleep deprived s*cks big time! I hope you will be able to get some more sleep soon. A double date sounds like fun, but if you don’t really like that person that way – it can be hard. I hope you still have a nice time at the movies! Goodluck with expressing your feelings to the one you really like.

    Ugh~ I think I like this very stylish guy who works at a clothing store in my hometown, but because he’s so stylish I can’t help but wonder if he’s guy. Next to that I only talked to him twice. Ack – maybe you have some tips for me šŸ˜›

    Take care, zya ne~

  2. Wad up nate!!!!! Lol that day that we were lookin for u in penn station was hilarious!!! šŸ™‚ I had mad fun though in ny chillin with u n the fam!! Luv u n miss u guyz!!!!! 1

  3. Ahhh I know what you mean about relatives and feeling old. I swear, the last time I saw my cousin she was about two. And last I heard she’s in Grade 7 now. It feels like time really flies. Or I just don’t see them enough because they’re all over the world. But still I get what you mean (:

  4. Oh yes, little brothers are supposed to be a tad annoying every now and then. And I speak from experience. I’m just like you, I hate rush hour and large congregations of people.

    Hehe, I absolutely hate being woken up. See, I always get up quite early, but only after waking up myself, with no other people being involved. If someone else wakes me up, I’m annoyed.

    I know all about feeling old. My ‘baby’ brother turned 18 last October! He’s an adult now too (well, according to our legal system he is).

    I’m counting down the hours to see P739 online :p I’m sure it will be great.

  5. Ahh, I can actually relate. I hate big crowds and rush hour too, and I don’t have any sense of direction whatsoever. Sorry about the trouble your relatives have caused you though. I’d have screamed at them to get out of the house, lol.

    Relatively looking at your age and feeling old is normal, I guess. I can’t believe my brother’s turning 11 already. How quickly time flies. Hvae fun on the double date. Not fond of that either, but try šŸ˜‰ And oh, good luck on the new site project. šŸ˜€

  6. It must have been nice to have your family over. I think you should start going to bed a little earlier and stop going to bed at 3 am. You body is going to feel it at one point int he future and it is going to mess you up.

  7. I have my own relatives coming over… I think they arrive this Sunday. And yes, little brothers are always annoying. Though, eventually they grow out of it. Like, you know, when they turn 30.

  8. I feel you about your niece being 7. A few days ago I was at the grocery store and I saw two little girls who I used to baby sit for when they were 2 and 6 months old, and now the 2 year old is almost 12. I feel like such an old lady, lol.

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