Some people are like constipated elephants…

…They’re full of shit.

I’m sorry I took a minute to blog, but hey, better late than never. I start with a WTF Moment.

WTF Moment:This ain’t your house!

A couple of weeks ago, I went on a bus on my way to Manhattan, and the bus was crowded to the point where there was absolutely no room to move around. Now, stuffed-like-sardine buses is a whole ‘nother WTF Moment in itself, but tell me why…

Tell me why there were these two girls (high school aged of course) stretched out on two seats? Okay, so I’ve heard of proxemics, but this is ridiculous. You see that this bus is packed to the brim, and your greedy ass takes up an extra seat that someone elderly or disabled or have fucked-up wheels (like myself) could have. WTF?! You know, this goes way up there with people having their bags on the chair next to them. That’s another WTF Moment right there, but I digress. Folks, if you’re ever on a public bus, and you see at least 20 people standing up, and you’re perched on two (and in extreme cases, three; and in “WTF is your problem” cases, four or five) seats, then I think you need to rethink something. If the roles were reversed and you were assed out of a seat by some other dipshit who’s taking up way too much space (and they’re not too wide), wouldn’t you be pissed?

Okay, that’s my WTF Moment. I’m thinking about actually adding them all to the writing section. Yes folks, I’ve kinda dropped Shadows right now. Not because I want to, but because I have a lot of corned beef and cabbage on a plate the size of a saucer. I haven’t even started on other projects, and since I still have the poems and stuff I posted here in the first place, I thought to just leave it alone. For now, anyway. Once I get the major stuff out the way, I can deal with the smaller stuff. And that actually happens to be the only small project I had. Hmph.

As you can see, I have a new theme up. It is not the one I said that I was going to do. The one I was going to do kind of fell though. Fell through as in “I-started-it-and-got-tired-of-it-almost-immediately”. It’s kind of Nellie-inspired. Inspired as in “I liked it and I tried to make one a bit similar to it, and came up with this” inspired. Yeeeah…so that’s the reasoning behind it. Excuse the girliness of it. I tried every color that would look half decent, and the only one that comes close (besides the pink) is blue. So guys (and those women who aren’t too fond of pink), my bad.

It’s been nice and warm for a few days now. It’s great. It’s a tease. A tease from that hussy Mother Nature. How is it going to be 70 degrees tomorrow, then 40 on Saturday? It’s a conspiracy I tell you. My birthday, and I’m going to have to wear 3 freaking layers. Okay, so maybe not 3 layers, but I got away with walking around with no jacket for these few days. I might need a scarf. Jeebus cripes.

As for other real-life stuff, nothing too eventful. I did a bit of fangirl squeeing last week, because crush #2 came back to the program. I bet you’re like “wait, hold up. What?” I explained it a few months ago at my (neglected…oops) Vox. I’m…for lack of better term…confused as shit. He says he’ll be back, but I’ll believe it when I see it. I found out that he’s my age (the other one was about 9 years older–I would ruffle lots of feathers with my older sisters), so that’s a plus. Since the job thing looks like it’s not happening for another month or so (if it ever happens–I’m kind of losing some hope seeing as it is almost the end of the school year), I can talk to him and get to know him a tad more. Hopefully without scaring him away. Hopefully.

Wow…erm. Did you know that I started typing this thing up an hour ago? Well, I’m multi-tasking heavily right now, but I’m going to stop. Have fun. Donations via Paypal to the birthday fund can be left at choiceofcinderelataimdotcom (figure that one out spam bots!). According to this time (1 in the morning on March 14th), 3 days to 22 years. Jeebus, I’m getting old!

8 thoughts on “Some people are like constipated elephants…”

  1. WTF?! indeed. I’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing New York public transport, but I can imagine it’s shit. I’m not a claustrophobic person but I hate crowds. I’d freak out and pull a gun on everyone. Haha.

    I like this layout… a lot. It’s probably a good thing you didn’t make one too similar to mine or you’d get a bunch of twats bitching about it. God, I hate people like that. Heh.

  2. Selfish people on the bus are unfortunately all over. They get quite ridiculous, sadly.

    I’ve only ridden on the subway in NYC, but that did get crowded at times. I hate buses too much to try and figure out the NYC bus system.

  3. That is horrible, I would have said something to the girls :/ At my school, we have buses that take you around campus and a lot of the time people will place their bag in the seat next to them or (especially the guys, not really the girls) will sit in a manner where their legs are spread out so much that if you do sit next to them you feel crammed. New theme is pretty 😀 At least I think I am looking at the new one .. either way all of the themes are nice 😛

  4. Oh I experienced that WTF today! Transit really makes me angry! People can be so ignorant! It takes me about 10 minutes of walking after my bus ride to calm down sometimes after getting bashed into! I should treat the bus and subway like a mosh pit and see who survives! LOL Just kidding. Your site theme is beautiful! Good job!

  5. I see that all the time! It’s rush hour, the buses are packed and I always see these people who have their bags on the seat next to them and when you ask them if they can move them, you either get a no or an evil glare! The theme is lovely!

  6. Man, people are far too nice. I sure as hell would’ve walked my ass over there and asked them to slide over. I’m sorry, but you are not privileged so move your ass over. Anyway, I’m really routing for Project739 to get finished and I also want to see what you have in store for DTM, but I’m really anxious for Project739. Hurry up and finish already! j/k ^^

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