Happy birthday, Crestfallen.

Damn, time flies fast when you’re being bitter. On March 2nd, 2006, I bought Crestfallen.nu as an early birthday present to myself. Since then…well…the rest is history. This is actually the only domain name that I like, and that I wouldn’t mind coughing up another $60 for come next year. So here’s a toast to Crestfallen. *drinks a mixture of Pepsi and vodka* Happy birthday, and many more. Or for as long as I don’t get tired of you.

All right, for a question answered, Rico and Caitlin asked what 5,000 keystrokes an hour is in words per minute. The answer is…I have no idea. It was told by me that it’s approximately 30 words a minute, but I’m checking Google and I’m getting all kinds of things. So it’s inconclusive, and I guess it just might stay that way. I type an average of 38-40 words a minute when typing text, and numbers…well, I’m still working on that.

Speaking of typing, thanks to those who wished me luck on getting the job. It worked. Yes indeed,folks. I officially have a job! Right now I’m waiting for further directions in terms of training. I thought I’d start tomorrow (or today seeing as I’m typing this at 12:30 at night), but I’ve been calling to hear updates, and I haven’t since Tuesday, so…not happening tomorrow (or today) obviously. I had to get fingerprinted and background checked since I’ll be working in a school (that will be specified soon), but that’s the least of the problems. But let me tell you…

Last Monday I stayed home from the program because I wasn’t feeling too hot. While I was home I was calling up the agency to see what I should do. I knew I had to do all this stuff, but I wasn’t sure when. I eventually get someone, and she tells me that I have to get to downtown Brooklyn by 4:30. By the way, this was around 3:00 when she told me, so I had an hour and a half. So taking the world’s quickest shower, I literally ran to the bus, the train, and eventually to the Department of Education to get the fingerprinting done. They close exactly at 4:30, and that’s about the same time I got there. So huffing and puffing, I get there and at this point I’m pissed, because I wasn’t even told anything until an hour before. But they let me get all that stuff done. Now I’m just waiting for when I should start training. Hopefully it’s soon. I love the program I’m in, but I’m also broker than a prostitute who gives bad head, so it would be awesome to get some kind of dough coming in, even if it’s only for 2 months.

Back to the subject on birthdays, mine has strategically placed itself on a weekend. A week from Saturday. My, oh, my, this week is probably going to go really fast. It’s hard to believe that last year, for the first time ever, I wasn’t looking forward to my birthday at all. But this year, I’m looking forward to it as if it was Christmas. I guess it’s because I know that I’m going to be doing something, but…I have no clue. I’m getting old, and I’m freaking ecstatic! I’m supposed to go out with some friends, and they have a surprise for me, but they refuse to even give me a clue, even though they know damn well that I don’t get hints very easily. I hate surprises, dammit! Wait, no I don’t. I’m just freaking nosy.

Someone said that they hated their birthday. Some people see it as “ah shit, I’m getting old and I’m not getting any”, and some people see it as “ah shit, I’m getting old, and I’m feeling great!” (I’m in the undesirable middle area) So where do you lie? Do you perceive your birthday as “ah fuck, I’m getting old, and I haven’t done shit in my life”, “ah fuck, I’m getting old, and I’m feeling all good”, or “ah fuck, I’m getting old, I haven’t done shit in my life, but I’m feeling all gravy, no beef?”

Well, that’s pretty much it right now. At this point, I’ve pretty much run out of gas. Ah, the joys of an uneventful life. Yay! Laters folks!

8 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Crestfallen.”

  1. Happy Birthday to your domain. I feel the same way, I love my current domain and don’t ever want to let it go.

    Thanks for letting me know about the keystrokes. I was very curious.

    A job! I’m so happy for you!

    I see my birthday as a celebration. I’m thankful I was given another year for my life. That’s the best present you can ever get. It really is a gift and that’s how I view it. It’s also a time for people to spoil you – take you out for dinner and have some good times at the bar, just hang out, or even get you some small token of their appreciation to show how much they care.

  2. Happy birthday to your site and you.

    I kind of view my birthdays in the ‘ah, hell, I kind of don’t really give a shit’ category. It’s just another day, really.

    Have fun!

  3. Congrats on the job! In my city the job market is extremely bad right now.

    My birthday is pretty much an excuse to get all of my childhood friends together to hang out. My daughter’s birthday is the one that makes me feel old lol.

  4. An early happy birthday to you! Honestly I my birthdays are usually just “yay it’s my birthday…I wonder what I’m getting” lol. I haven’t grown up much. I don’t really care if I get anything, but I still like getting presents. And besides, you’re not old until you can’t get up and do what you enjoy doing.

    Congrats on the job! Sounds like it’s a good one.

  5. happy birthday crestfallen! Awesome! You know, I didn’t ever celebrate a single year of my site’s bday…how sad. Maybe I need to.
    Congrats on the job, sounds all official and whatnot with getting fingerprinted and all that…when did they start doing that? Geez, this world is crazy!
    Now that I’m 24 I’ve been feeling a little of the crap, I’m getting oldness. I can’t stay awake like I used to…even with the Rockstar energy drinks. Sigh. Ah well 🙂

  6. Hmm birthdays. I dunno, I’m only 17 & I’ll be turning 18 in June, so for me birthdays are exciting, as I feel like I’m just starting to be able to enjoy a lot of things at my age. At the same time, with the thoughts of college & leaving home for the first time, it’s scary.

  7. I already told you this, but I’m telling you again, congrats. You deserve it. Any news back from them yet? I’m so happy for you! Anyway, I hope you get 739 up soon, I miss posting at a board. Heh.

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