Just give me time. It’d come. I promise.

All right, so I said that I was going to get off my ass and actually do some work on the sites. Well, what do you know…I finally got a new theme up over here (Minimalism–and no I couldn’t think of another name), I’m slowly working on Project 739, and I’m actually getting some stuff done for Antihero. Note that I didn’t say anything about DTM and Shadows. Haven’t gotten around to that yet. And forget the hosting site. Was working on it, then scrapped the layout idea, so I gotta go back to scratch. Almost kinda like what I ended up doing with the Shadows layout. But, progress nonetheless. I still have a salad plate with a mountain pile of food, but just give me time. It’d come. I promise.

It is…Brick. Ass. Cold. Let me tell you how cold it is. It’s so cold, that right now I have on socks. I absolutely dread socks, unless I’m going out, and even then I have on ankle socks. These are the almost knee-high, thick-ass motherfucker socks. On top of that, I have a thick wool robe, zipped to the neck, and a fleece hoodie under that. I actually look a freaking mess since I’m actually in my night gown. But I’m not risking it. I can feel a bit of a cold coming on, and that is not a good thing. I can’t wait for March. Seriously. At least springtime, although the allergies mess me up lovely, isn’t as bad as this brick-ass cold weather. And you know what? We’re freezing our asses (and in guys’ cases, nuts) off, and that’s all we have to show for it in the NYC area. Not a lick of snow. I want a big blizzard so I can have a reason to stay in my room and watch Jerry Springer, lmao.

As I have mentioned, I am an editor for the newsletter over at the program. I’m 2 weeks in the job. I like it. Small problem. It turns out that I have a co-editor, who was the sole editor of the last issue, and she’s trying to dominate and take over my job. Now I don’t mind the help. But when it comes down to the point where the other person is a tad condescending, it’s kinda getting me a bit uneasy. I helped out in the last issue, and it turned out to be sloppy, unorganized, and a gazillion pages thick. My idea was to have 15 pages, and keep it smaller, and she’s going along with it, but she’s still trying to do the same shit that she did when she was the editor. I told her that I don’t want it to be like the last issue where stuff was all over the place (and you’d think that it would actually come out right considering that she was an English major). Personally, and I’m not saying this because I did it, but the only thing that was organized about that last issue was the cover page. Well, I’m sticking it out for a little while longer. If it turns out that she’s trying to regain her status, I’ll have to set her straight a bit. I also have a few folks to help me out.

Ah, about the little crush situation. I got a few responses.

I flirt. It’s a good way to gauge how he feels, but since you’re shy, I don’t know what to say.

I’ll just try and get to know the guy first, I guess. and try not to look and act like a fool O.O

normally i wait until the guy starts hitting on me (maybe because im kinda old fashioned i dont know haha) but that isnt good since maybe the guy wont really found out that you have interests in him so bleh.. so i guess what i could do its just being friendly with this guy and waiting for the best

Thank you ladies. I decided to get professional advice and I ended up breaking down in front of the therapist. If you know my history, you’d know the whole issue with self-esteem and stuff. I’m going to lay back. And if it seems like he has no interest in me, then I’ll start saving up for a cat, lmao. Besides, I think he’s nice regardless, but I guess you can’t force someone to like you.

…Heh, fuck the cat, I’m not allergic to vibrators.

*coughs* Anyway, until next week, or whenever…

10 thoughts on “Just give me time. It’d come. I promise.”

  1. Sup it’s like -20 with the wind chill which makes me pretty much want to kill myself, haha. I’m sitting inside at school now, but once I have to walk to my next class it’s gonna be brutal. Try and stay warm!! 😉

  2. This is why I will never and can never live in NYC. I’d die, I tell you. DIE! And let me tell you, I am not exaggerating in the slightest when I say that.

    Anyway, I’m glad that you’re making progress with your projects. I really should open Metamorphosis, but I can’t be bothered to try and attempt a decent layout. I really need to get back into the swing of things. I miss feeling accomplished.

    Good luck with your crush. I don’t even know why I gave you advice when really I don’t do anything when I like someone. I flirt, yeah, but then I flirt with people on a regular basis. Robby knows this and he’s the same way, because we are flirts and cannot help it. I really hope it turns out the way you want it to. You deserve it. Love you hon!

  3. It’s quite cold here too. It was way too warm for winter up until late January, then it went icy cold all of a sudden, just as I was getting ready for spring, not expecting a real winter anymore. Not fair! Good luck with your job and the guy situation. I know what that’s like. Take care!

  4. Hey. I don’t have advice for the crush business, but I wish you all the very best of luck with it. You deserve to be happy as the rest of us.

  5. This year has been so much worse than others, weather-wise, it seems. So cold where I live, even though it’s the desert! And I have been sick with a cold/allergies/stomach flu three times. Stupid weather! I hope you aren’t sick.

  6. Uh it’s freezing here too – even that I live in Denmark and are kind of used to sucky weather I still hate it. I just want it to be summer all of the time and with the global heating I guess that’s a wish that could come true at some point.

    How annoying it must be having to work with that other editor. I have never been good at group assignments but it’s possible if the other person(s) isn’t completely morons – which this one seems to be. Just hang in there!

  7. I LOVE the new layout. The colors are beautiful, I love love love purple 😉 It’s looking good Nat.

    Don’t beat yourself up, you’ll get the others sites going. Give yourself time.

    I would so put that bitch in her place and be like look, I wouldn’t have been put here to help if they thought they still wanted you to just do everything your way by yourself…so back up a little beyatch and let me help! hahaha.

    Love life is beating me down right now too. I feel you girl. There’s been a few nights when my Vibrator has been my friend of the night too 😉 hahaha. Fucking dipwad guys. I just wish I could find someone that wanted something real. It’ll come to me in time, just like it’ll come to you, unfortunately we just have to feel like we are going to wither away and die while we wait…*sigh* I’m feeling for you there girl. I miss you, since you haven’t been around as much….I can’t say much…I’ve been MIA for awhile too due to this latest DIPSHIT guy that I’ve been hanging out with.

  8. Haha, it’s pretty nice here, and I suppose I’m rather fortunate! It’s only minus ten Celcius, so that’s pretty good – we had a mild snowstorm, and it was at minus twenty five, but its been colder, haha :]

    I’m just glad our house is relatively warm, since I’ve got a fever and a sore throat 😛

    And the new layout looks wonderful!

  9. I’ve tagged you because I love you 🙂

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