Some stones are just meant to be left unturned.

So, I have some things to talk about. I will start with the WTF Moments. I have not one, but two WTF Moments. Make up for lost time, no?

WTF Moment #1–Fashion Faux Pas #2

Today I’m walking to the bus stop, as I usually do, and I get to the terminal and I see something a bit strange. This woman has on a winter coat…and pajama bottoms. What a strange combination, I say. But that’s more strange is her reasoning for wearing pajama bottoms (which are naturally thinner than regular bottoms, by the way) in 26-degree weather. WTF?

I remember when I was in high school and even in college (damn, I make it sound like it was 20 years ago, lol). Pajama bottoms were all the rage. I didn’t have a problem with it since it usually was warm when it was done. I don’t really have a problem with it now. I would never do it myself, because I’m just not that kind of person. But that gets me. It’s brick-ass cold out, and you’re risking the flu because you wanted to be too comfortable? Wearing pajama bottoms are like wearing flip-flops in the middle of December in NYC. It’s something that you should never do…unless you have intent of wanting to feel like shit in a few days.

WTF Moment #2–It’s no wonder why NYC is ridden with rodents.

You know, I have a bit of a gripe about littering when there’s a garbage can like 5 feet away. But that’s nothing. For the past two weeks (probably more), while walking to get some hot chocolate, there’s this market that has a habit of not picking up the trash that they dropped on the ground. It’s bad enough that there’s a big ass dumpster that I have to walk by every day (and hold my breath each time passing it), but when you have to dodge something that can only be described as…shit, it’s not pretty. Ironically, I also have to dodge pigeons that flock by the twenties in desperate avoidance of them shitting on my head. This place is ridden with rodents, both flying and ground, as it is. We needn’t make it worse.

And with that, that is the end of the WTF Moments for now.

So what’s up with me? I went on a trip to Maryland this weekend, and I came back with hurting lungs and wheezing. To make the story short, we cleaned up for my grandparents, they have loads of dust, and I have allergies. I’m actually a lot better now, but I thought I was going to pass out because of my chest constricting. I’m still a bit in pain and I still cough sometimes, but chyeah. Hopefully nothing like that happens again, because it’s not a good feeling.

I’ve been working on web projects. Namely Antihero. I thought that I should try to get stuff working normally. So I’m working on stuff for Antihero. I want to get all of them up (especially P739, that I’ve been switching back and forth on–I should get rid of it altogether, but I don’t want to, ha) hopefully before the 22nd1. I need a new theme here. I pretty much scrapped the ones I did have made, so I need to make a new one. I just realized something. I have the world’s biggest plate, and it has a mountain pile on it. This should be interesting.

Oh, um…I have a crush. But I have a bit of a dilemma. You see, my trust with guys isn’t the best. And I have a tendency to make a total ass of myself (brain farts? brain shits?). So the feeling is kind of under wraps right about now. I would love to hear about how other folks would deal in this situation. So here is my question asked for the moment:

If you have a crush on someone, and if you’re shy and prone to totalassofyourselfatitus, how do you deal with it?

Yeah, it seems like I’m not a shy person, but it’s more in the way of people I like. If I’m attracted to someone, I’m a completely different person. For the record, we’re usually partners in a typically dysfunctional Spades game2, so it’s not like he’s a complete stranger. Chyeah, and I’m a bit scared shitless of rejection. I hear too many “fuck nos” when it comes to the dating department, and it’s kind of pissing me off. I have problems. I really do.

With that being said, I’m done. Have fun, folks.

1 22nd=March 17th 2007: My birthday. Yeah, I’m excited about being a year older, but that’s because I didn’t have a momentous 21st, so…chyeah.
2 Spades is a card game that a lot of black folk love to play. We just don’t play by the rules. We talk over the board, look at the opponents’ hands…

9 thoughts on “Some stones are just meant to be left unturned.”

  1. some ppl just dont get the weather. lol. im new to this kind of weather and i still know how to dress. ha ha. well i guess they have a HIGH tolerence for the cold. garbage is another topic that you shouldn’t get my started on. man, its just wierd, how ppl ignore dustbins. gosh….

  2. Pajama pants and cold weather=bliss. Pajama pants are like all I wear during the winter. But I would never wear them out. That person is crazy. But then again they could have been running late and just rolled out of bed. Who knows.

  3. First off that is why I don’t live in NYC. Because I like my Jammies and walking around in them whenever and whatever time of the year. Also, it’s about time you started working on your projects. I’m anxious to see Antihero, just because it sounds cool.

    As for the boy, I flirt. It’s a good way to gauge how he feels, but since you’re shy, I don’t know what to say. Yeah, I know I suck. But I tried. Lol.

  4. well, I don’t really know what to say
    about the wtf moments since I don’t really
    experience it here :/

    as to your question, well, I’ll just try
    and get to know the guy first, I guess.
    and try not to look and act like a fool O.O

  5. hey there! this is fer from despair.. anyway.. i never understood about the pijamas bottoms and their popularity in people to use them like your regular pants or jeans.. its kinda odd but anyway.. about your question.. normally i wait until the guy starts hitting on me (maybe because im kinda old fashioned i dont know haha) but that isnt good since maybe the guy wont really found out that you have interests in him so bleh.. so i guess what i could do its just being friendly with this guy and waiting for the best (bad advice i know but thats how it works -sometimes- for me hahaha)

  6. Yeah, the pjs and winter coat are a weird combination, especially in the bitter cold. that happens here, too. i mean, yes, i live in southern california, but it can get supersuper freezing, and there’s girls that will still wear their hollister miniskirts and flip flops and tanks.
    oh well, fashion before… warmth…. right?

  7. really? lol! i agree with you with people that just dont care i guess.. right? i think the woman would rather be freezing than be uncomfortable..

    and your wtf moments just all makes sense to me.. its funny but its true..

    by the way, i hope youre feeling better now..

    take care. 🙂

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