Technology will be the death of us.

I’ve been doing some thinking. About advanced technology and the like. I’m not entirely sure why, but I was just thinking of a few aspects of what has changed within just a few years. I mean, if you were to take away TV, radio, and computers, you’d see how many people actually end up in the psych ward due to insanity due to the lack of those things. And the screwed up thing is that once you get this said new-fandangled piece of mp3 player or HD television, it’s pretty much out of date within 3 months.1

For starters, TV. My mom tells me this story ever so often. She said that when she was younger, she had to jump over fences and run miles just to catch Bonanza (This should really be a WTF Moment). That’s how many TV sets were in homes–if you had a favorite show, you better be a marathon runner and Olympic hurdle jumper to catch it. Unfortunately these days, because of TV, there are fewer marathon runners and Olympic hurdle jumpers. But I digress.

Let’s get to the iPod boom. I remember way back when2 where CD players were the best thing since sliced bread. CD players are slowly going the way of cassette players (and I’m absolutely shocked to see that there’s one of those floating around) due to these little old things that can hold 2,000 songs, 500 videos, and 150 photos (damn, my digital camera doesn’t even hold that many pictures). I admit it; I want one of these things. But you know, I give it another 5-10 years (and I’m probably being very generous) before the iPod goes the way of other…ahem…ancient music players.

All righty, my favorite part of all this. Let’s talk about the internet. A few years ago, there were just a few websites out there. Now, there’s so many. It’s gotten to the point where you have to have hyphens in a domain name so that you can have a combination of words (and one word domains–forget it, unless you want to fork over $60 for a domain, you’re not getting one). It’s gotten so large, that it’s ridiculous.

When I came on the internet scene (full-time at 16), domain names were going for $35, $50, even $70 (damn thieves). Um…yeah, for a .com. Now, there are even some places that sell them for $4. Dramatic change much? Let’s not even get into web space. If you had a personal website on Geoshitties, you were the bomb. Now if you have one over there, it’s like “what are you doing over there?” It’s mainly because of the whole thing with PHP and stuff that works solely with PHP and MySQL. I never took notice on how much money 50MB’s of space and 1GB of bandwidth costs back then, but I can almost be sure that it was a shitload more than what it is now (now that I think of it–who sells 50MB’s of space and 1GB of bandwidth now?!). Some places give you a terrabyte of space. Terrabyte? I seriously didn’t know that was a such thing. So eventually there’s going to be a quadbyte? Or a quibyte? A gazzillobyte? You get the idea. But you know, with so much space, you’d think that it’d be an arm, leg, and a dick (and in that logic, if you’re female, you’re fucked) to pay for. Nope. $10 a month. Maybe I’m short-changing (no pun intended), but it sure as shit isn’t a thousand bucks a month.

Don’t get me started on video games. We already know what that and television is doing to children.

So what do we do in this situation? Nothing. Let’s just not have a shortage, or the psych wards will be overflowing.

Chyeah, I know, late. I’m sorry. I meant to do this last night, but I got home and I was numb from the ass down. We’re freezing our asses off in NYC. And you know what gets me about that? How it’s January, we’ve only had a trace of snow, and freaking Texas gets 8 inches of snow.3 I went out yesterday, and while waiting for a bus for an hour (it was on one of those routes that usually takes only a half an hour [which is still too long] on the weekends), the temperature dropped 2 degrees In the space of an hour. When I got home, all I wanted to do was take the hottest shower ever and cover in layers of sheets in my room. Of course, I ended up uncovering myself and played Zelda since it was still too early to go to bed. But, chyeah, that’s why I didn’t blog sooner. The computer is strategically placed in the basement, which is the coldest place in the house.

So what have I done in the past week (or two weeks?)? Nothing really. It’s been boring. Chyeah, like my life is ever exciting, lol. I’ve been kind of licking my wounds from the last time. I was utterly drained, so I stayed sleeping for a good while. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again. It was not a fun sight.

I was appointed editor of the newsletter at my program. Well, technically, I was co-editor, but my friend (the same one from the whole drama with the wicked bitch from the East), who was the editor, dropped out, and gave me the position. So I took it. I’m pretty strong in English/Journalism/stuff of that nature, so it works out pretty well. I start next week. Yay.

Less than 2 months before my 22nd. It’s scaring the shit out of me. And you know what’s fucked up about that? I even more afraid now than when I was turning 21, and I ended up in the hospital from that. I just have to keep in mind that it’s not like I’m turning 50–I’m still (relatively) young. But I have a list of things to do before my 23rd birthday.

1)At least have one foot in the door for going back to college–even if it’s full time.
2)Get a job that pays well enough, but I’m not stressing my ass off, and I actually enjoy it (a singing career–though stressful for most–would do me some good right about now)
3)Lose at least 20 pounds (I said this before my 22nd, but given the time frame and my slow-as-turtles-running-a-marathon-on-peanut-butter metabolism, the chances of it happening is slim)
4)Actually be in dating state (preferably in a semi-long-term relationship)
5)Get laid. Yes, it had to be in there. 3 years and no vibrator makes the girl go nuts.

I’m sure more is going to be added, but that’s it for now. Chyeah.

1The web (technology) year is 3 months.
2Way back when–maybe 5 years ago, but no more than 10
3I think it was Oklahoma with the 8 inches of snow. But that’s beyond the point; I’m freaking pissed that we’re closer to the North Pole and we haven’t seen much of snow here. I’m telling you–April. We’re going to have a blizzard in April.

11 thoughts on “Technology will be the death of us.”

  1. wow! nice topic.. things to ponder about…

    congratulations for being the editor in your newsletter.. šŸ™‚

    i wish you all the luck with your plans…
    advance happy birthday.. šŸ™‚

    take care..

  2. Hey I really enjoyed reading your writing on technology. It’s true. The world is changing so rapidly. Congratulations on becoming editor of your newsletter, quite an accomplishment. And best of luck with everything you want to do. Happy early birthday. I’m glad it’s not that cold here =x

  3. That’s so true about technology. Everything seems to change in just years. I paid $250 for my mini 6gb ipod when it first came out and now the 80gb color ones are selling for $400, I got ripped off. There are so many new and better things being developed, it’s hard to keep on top of all of it. Anyway, hopefully you get some snow in NYC. I would hate it being freezing cold, but no snow. I’m in TN, so we don’t have too cold of weather or snow. bleh.

  4. Yeah, I can relate with the “birthday coming up – turning another year older” scare… it’s mine coming up next week and I still feel like I haven’t done much in my life.

  5. Yeah it’s interesting how fast technology has been changing. I would be lost without my computer. But I wouldn’t go crazy. I would go back to reading books and playing board games like I used to. In my house we still have cassette players, record players, and yes, even an 8 track player. There’s also an eight-track player on our boat haha. I have a walkman, diskman, and an mp3 plater. I love all my technology haha.

  6. Good luck finding a job and getting back to school. I have to find another job, just to pay for school.

    Good luck to us both! šŸ˜€

  7. I can tell you’re good at journalism because this was a very interesting post to read:smile:

    and yeah that’s true about technology. but i’m way behind; i still have a CD player:eek:! and on top of that, it’s busted!:eek:

    take care!:mrgreen:

  8. I agree completely! My brother got a Star Wars video game and now he tries to kill me with this huge stick saying it’s a lightsaber. šŸ˜

  9. You’re right about that, if you take away peoples’ toys, they’ll go crazy. And with each few years, the word “toy” means to define something way more complex and extravagant than it did the few years before. How much longer can this continue before we have technology installed in our bodies so we don’t have to carry around small things like ipods? lmao

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