The trees are confused!

5…4…3…2…1…Ah, fuck it.

Happy new year. I don’t see the big hype about the thing. On Sunday when the ball dropped in Times Square, me and my mom was like “okay, time for bed”. That was the end of it. Maybe I’d feel a tad different if I was not in my house when it struck 12. Or in my house making out with someone fucking gorgeous. Either way…I probably wouldn’t be so bitter. This is my down months. Up until March. So if I seem PMS-y, don’t mind it.

In other news, it doesn’t even feel like January here. It’s been so warm that the freaking trees are confused! How so? Some trees in Central Park are blooming. Yes, blooming. In January. Even some green stalks are visible in my own flower bed. Global warming has fucked this place up so lovely, that nature doesn’t know if it’s coming or going. In this pace, it’s going to snow in April. Wouldn’t be surprised. It has happened before. Not to mention that we might break a 118-year record. That poor record. It won’t have a chance to play again.

So besides the disappointing New Year’s Eve festivities, nothing much has been going on. Nothing much except I’ve been playing more video games than anything else. Twilight Princess=freaking awesome.

Questions Answered: Would you be offended?

On the last blog, I gave everyone a chance to post their opinion on what this girl said about “black men date white women because they can take advantage of them”. I got a good amount of replies on that. So here are three of the replies.

I’d be offended but I wouldn’t even let it show. I’m open-minded enough to have no problem letting
someone else make a fool of themselves – it’s not just the attitude I disagree
with, but the way in which she presented herself.

I’m African-American and I have dated outside of my race, my sex, my social
class, whatever. I think anybody has the potential to be manipulated and that
has little to do with race and more to do with the fact that there are some true
assholes on this earth. I’m a historian, and I think that all of the attitudes
on interracial relationships can be traced way back.


yes I would be offended. I know personally, I tend not to date black guys because of the way all of the ways I’ve spoken too have approached me. It’s usually with a, “Hey baby…” And I’m not into that. I am no one’s baby, at least not until they’ve dated me long enough to claim I am. I don’t see what the big deal is about a black girl dating a white man. I’ve dated both black and white men and honestly there is no difference. Like I said it depends on how you approach that determines if I’m going to want to exchange numbers with you.


I’m a white girl, who is racially OPEN – white boys, black boys, spanish boys, whatever – lol it gives me more options that way.. I don’t go after any kind of race specifically, I just like who I like and give whoever is DESERVING a fair chance.. I would be offended, but I wouldn’t throw a fit over that remark, just because I won’t lower myself you know? I’ve heard it ALL – black men will use me, white girl just goes after black guys to take them away from black women, etcetera.

I never met a guy who said he was attracted to me just because I was white, & I would never let anyone “beat my ass” or use me or any of that lol – I would never pay anyone else’s bills, sorry!

Some guys have said it’s their preference, & EVERYONE has preferences so that’s okay by me!

I don’t know where that whole stigma came from, but it annoys the fuck out of me badly. It makes NO SENSE whatsoever. I’ve even gotten some comments that I wish I was black that’s why I give black men a chance.. Um I’m proud to be what I am, white Irish girl from Boston lol, I love myself & I love my history.

I wish it was that easy to say it’s just skintone, because I truthfully feel that way lol, but idk people always gotta make something from nothing.


Thank you, ladies. I’m glad more people think that that girl is ignorant. Well, so is 50% of the world’s population. What can you do about that?

And with that being said, I leave you with this:

Two peanuts walk into a bar. One was insulted.1

1Was insulted=wasn’t salted, for you slow individuals. I know, sad joke. Sad, but clever.

11 thoughts on “The trees are confused!”

  1. It’s the same here, it’s been way too warm for this time of year so the trees and everything are all confused. We usually get a bit of snow and ice in winter, but not this time. It’s quite sad to see what we’ve been doing to this planet.

  2. Yeah, I don’t really get the hype either. All I did when the clock struck 12 was kiss my b/f and go back to watching 40 year-old virgin.

    Yeah it’s been really warm here this winter too. But I love it. I hate cold weather. But it is a little weird seeing blue jays in the winter. I’m enjoying this global warming thing haha.

    Haha I’m glad you gave the explanation of that last joke because I did not get it 😛

  3. New Year’s was very blah for me. I didn’t really do much, but stay home with my hunny which was perfectly fine with me. I’m so not into the party scene. Maybe that will change when I turn 21 next month, but I highly doubt it. We’ll have to see. Speaking of which what’s your e-mail addy? Is it still choiceofcindrel[at] Also, what’s your mailing address? E-mail it to me angel[at] I need to know it. I have a surprise for you 😉

    Anyway, I’m up to work. I swear, I live there, lol. Oh, well I really don’t mind. ^^

  4. i live in canada (toronto) which is around the same globe as where you are.. and yes it is just as warm here as it is there.. its great since thers no snow

  5. Those poor trees!!!! It has been way too warm this Winter. My apartment, oddly enough, feels colder than it does outside. Not that I’m complaining. The cold air keeps my migraines at bay.

    I’m sorry your new years wasn’t exciting and flashy and filled with kisses. There’s always going to be another new years, though. You’ve got plenty of chances to make it into what you want it to be.

    Have a great week, Nat Marie.

  6. I KNOW! the trees are confused here too!! lol. i live in san francisco and my mom’s flowers are BLOOMING. it’s supposed to be freezing at this time of the year but it’s frickin HOT. stupid global warming. lol

    my new years wasn’t all that interesting either. at least you were at times square. i was AT HOME, watching TV because they were showing fantastic fireworks from around the world. boy, did i feel like such a loser. 😐

  7. Oh. My. Goshh. Da trees are confused!! I was just thinking that your title was just out of randomness. =P That’s so weird… It started snowing here in September, for a few days. But your trees are WAY WEIRD. =P
    Auggghh. I spent my new year on the computer… which was very boring, mind you. =/

  8. Yes, yes. I don’t really see what the hype’s all about. All I did was stare at the computer monitor and eat.

    I thought the blog title is an output of your creative juices. So, you’re really not kidding when you say the trees are confused! Poor trees. The weather can get crazy sometimes. And what’s worse is that people can get sick because of it. Take extra care of yourselves.

    Hehe, witty joke. =D

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