You’d be edgy too.

Merry (belated) Christmas to those who celebrated it. I dream of a white Christmas, and all I got was a nightmare sunny day, lol. In any event, my Christmas Eve was more eventful than the actual day.

On Christmas Eve, we had family from all over come to the house. We were counting how many people actually showed up, and we counted…34. Yes, 34 people was in a house which isn’t too big to begin with. We had to eat in waves. First it was the kids…anyone under and including age 10. Then it was the adults who managed to come early. Then it was the fashionably late people. Then it was the people who came on CP time. By the time the CP time folk came, there wasn’t much left. It was pretty fun, but at the same time, loud, and pretty…hot. There was a time where I checked our thermostat, and it was at a balmy 82 degrees–which is about the same temperature my room is on a typical day. So with the heat, the noise, and lack of sleep, I was a bit edgy. Y’know, given those conditions, you’d probably be edgy too.

On the actual day, I get up at about 10 in the morning (which surprised me since I was up until 3 am playing video games). I’m thinking that I’m late for opening presents, but to my surprise, everyone pretty much was awake for only a half an hour. We ended up opening up presents at 11 in the morning (which is pretty late, but if we did it any earlier, my niece wouldn’t want to eat breakfast). So what did I get? Well, let’s see…

-Four sweaters. No, these sweaters are really nice. No reindeer or anything on it.
-A vest-sweater…type…thingy…It’s hard to explain, but it is very beautiful, and it has a hood. *gaspshockfaint*
-Some slippers. I really needed these since I’m always in my basement typing shit like this on Crestfallen, and the poor piggies cry for help.
-Two coats. Desperately needed those. One of my only two coats made me look like a stuffed turkey. That is the last thing I need right now.
-Some lavender aromatherapy type thing. My sister’s fiancé’s mother got me this, completely oblivious to the fact that I absolutely love anything lavender.
-An MP3 player. I actually asked for an iPod, but I couldn’t get that, so this one my mom got me is doing a pretty good job. And if I run out of space (I’m half out already), I can just get a memory card and add another 1GB to it.
-Aaand…either my mom actually listened to me and went to get it the first week it came out, or she pulled strings like a motherfucker, but either way, the new Zelda game, Twilight Princess, for my Gamecube. I’m sure that I would have gotten it either way; I’m a Zelda fiend. I’d probably lay in a glass coffin with snakes to snag a game. Yes, I have no life. Yes I suck. Who cares?

Ah yes, the joys of Christmas. Or at least half of it. There’s the religious part, but I’m not religious (I only play such around family), so…hm…it would be wrong to say that I don’t care about it, but…it’s really hard to explain. Anyway, moving along.

Questions Asked: Would you be offended?

I’m in the news group in my group today, and the subject that came up was interracial relationships and how in society it’s more accepted that black men can date white women, but not the other way around. One girl comes up and says that the reason why black men go for white women is because they can easily manipulate them, whereas a black woman would probably beat the shit outta them. I have a friend who is in an interracial relationship with a black guy, and she got extremely offended by the context it was put into. The other girl goes into another group and pretty much personally attacks her, calling her names and stuff, and tells my friend that if her boyfriend tries to manipulate her, then put him in his place. At this point, my friend is reduced to tears, and this chick keeps going on and on and on. I’m trying to play mediator, but I’m failing miserably. She eventually apologizes to my friend, but the damage is done.

Now the question is: Would you be offended by that remark?

I know that I would be up in arms about it. I mean, I’m a black woman who has dated a white guy before. If someone told me that all black women go for white men because they need loads of dough from them, then my response would be “excuse me?”. Generalization is something you just don’t do in this society. Yes, some black women would go for white guys just for the money, and yes, some black men would go for white women because they want to manipulate a woman, but not all are like that. When this girl said that, I just felt a dagger, even though it wasn’t directed at me. Ouch.

WTF Moment: Attention Whorism

Speaking of said girl, we went to Manhattan to see the Rockefeller Center tree and St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and she got really nasty to some of the people who came with us, namely the smokers. She is aware that there are people who are going to smoke, and even if it wasn’t in our group, someone else will probably light up. She was like “I feel sick now” and “My chest hurts” and all this. Please keep in mind that we’re outdoors. Now I don’t condone smoking; I don’t smoke myself. But I’m not bitching and moaning about the cigarette smoke when it’s outdoors. What sense does that make? They were asked not to smoke, and they agreed, but I find that just to be…WTF? Really. What. The. Fuck.

She just has a knack for offending people. I have a knack for offending people, but this is tenfold worse.

And with that being said, I’m going to go off and play some Zelda, because the internet is kinda slowing down, and I hate that. But eh. Laters. And just in case I don’t post before next Sunday, Happy New Year, folks.

12 thoughts on “You’d be edgy too.”

  1. Ooh you got some great gifts. I must say, I think I would be pretty edgy under those circumstances! I’m not a big fan of crowded atmospheres, and when the temperature rises like that, I start to get headachy. But you survived! 🙂

  2. Man 34 people?! :O That’s alot! My family celebrated christmas alone. Just my parents, me and my three siblings. I kinda like it that way although it would be fun with at least some more.

  3. Hey seems like you had a very busy Christmas Eve. Our family on my mom side is annoying whenever we have a family get together and most of them don’t even bring food they eat all our food and then try to take some home with them! I mean how messed up is that ugh lol.

  4. Merry Christmas my dear! It sounds like you got a lot of nifty stuff! I’m happy that you got the game you wanted! Anyway, as for your question, yes I would be offended. I know personally, I tend not to date black guys because of the way all of the ways I’ve spoken too have approached me. It’s usually with a, “Hey baby…” And I’m not into that. I am no one’s baby, at least not until they’ve dated me long enough to claim I am. I don’t see what the big deal is about a black girl dating a white man. I’ve dated both black and white men and honestly there is no difference. Like I said it depends on how you approach that determines if I’m going to want to exchange numbers with you. Anyway, that girl sounds like a bitch and just tell your friend to ignore her. It’s best if everyone does.

  5. Wow, you have a big family! I only had a few people to get food ready for, 5 including myself. That’s a lot of nice gifts you got. It’s nice to see that you have a family that actually gets together for things like this.

  6. Wow. You have a big family. XD My house isn’t big enough to hold 34 people either. x.x I’m sorry that you didn’t get a White Christmas, but at least you got awesome presents. 😛

  7. Yeah that whole black men manipulating white women thing does offend me, on another note it pisses me off. Like you said all black men aren’t like that, I don’t care if their white,black,pureto rican or purple, no guy on this earth is going to manipulate me. Perhaps she has been manipulated by someone and that is why she is so damn bitter.

    Anyways, damn 34 people in your house at once, sounds like a family reunion. Kinda like my family at christmas.

  8. I’m glad you had a good christmas – we always used to get together with both sides of my family but we never do anymore. I really miss those big christmas parties where everyone gets together and exchanges presents and eats lots of yummy food. We had a pretty hot christmas here too. I live in Australia so its summer during that time and I don’t think theres a chance we’ll ever get a white christmas, lol.

  9. Happy New Year! It sounds like you made out like a bandit on Xmas! I am jealous of your slippers lol.

    & to answer your question..

    I’m a white girl, who is racially OPEN – white boys, black boys, spanish boys, whatever – lol it gives me more options that way.. I don’t go after any kind of race specifically, I just like who I like and give whoever is DESERVING a fair chance.. I would be offended, but I wouldn’t throw a fit over that remark, just because I won’t lower myself you know? I’ve heard it ALL – black men will use me, white girl just goes after black guys to take them away from black women, etcetera.

    I never met a guy who said he was attracted to me just because I was white, & I would never let anyone “beat my ass” or use me or any of that lol – I would never pay anyone else’s bills, sorry!

    Some guys have said it’s their preference, & EVERYONE has preferences so that’s okay by me!

    I don’t know where that whole stigma came from, but it annoys the fuck out of me badly. It makes NO SENSE whatsoever. I’ve even gotten some comments that I wish I was black that’s why I give black men a chance.. Um I’m proud to be what I am, white irish girl from Boston lol, I love myself & I love my history.

    I wish it was that easy to say it’s just skintone, because I truthfully feel that way lol, but idk people always gotta make something from nothing.

    & wow this went on WAY TOO LONG! Lmfao.

  10. I am a Zelda field too, but I never got around to getting a gamecube… I’m actualy thinking of picking up the old SNES so I can get down again hahaha.

    Well, on that comment on interracial relationships, I’d be offended but I wouldn’t even let it show. I’m open-minded enough to have no problem letting someone else make a fool of themselves – it’s not just the attitude I disagree with, but the way in which she presented herself.

    I’m African-American and I have dated outside of my race, my sex, my social class, whatever. I think anybody has the potential to be manipulated and that has little to do with race and more to do with teh fact that there are some true assholes on this earth. I’m a historian, and I think that all of the attitudes on interracial relationships can be traced way back… but I won’t leave you an essay!

    I feel really sorry for you friend though; but karma is a bitch and it will come back on that girl.

  11. Seems like you got a shitload of stuff for Christmas. I’m glad you had a great one. Hmm, as far as dating outside of race. I’m currently doing that right now; and I’m loving it. I’m a black girl; and he’s a white guy. And it’s not about money or all of that other bullshit. I hate stereotyping; its annoying. But I hope you had a happy new year!

  12. It’s usually with a, “Hey baby…” And I’m not into that. I am no one’s baby, at least not until they’ve dated me long enough to claim I am. I don’t see what the big deal is about a black girl dating a white man.

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