The holiday season really kicks ass!

You know where I start.

WTF Moment of the Week: Fashion Faux Pas

I’m on my way to my program last week, and I’m ready to get off the bus at my stop. The door opens, and the first person I see ready to get on…big ass rollers. You know the sponge ones? Yeah, those. Maybe it’s just me, but the last time I checked, you just don’t go out in public (in rush hour nonetheless) wearing rollers. That’s like wearing flip-flops in December; you just don’t do it. I know you want to keep your bangs in check, but really. No. Just…no. I saw it and immediately said in my head, “WTF?!” Hm. Only in the ghetto, I tell you. Only. In. The. Ghetto.

So, now that that’s out of the way…

Although the holidays are stressful, I happen to like it. We always do the big get-together dinner on Christmas Eve, and then on Christmas, we just cool down. The night before, we open one small present, and the whole day is just spent joking around with the family. In other words, the holiday season really kicks ass. At least to me anyway. Come talk to me New Year’s Day, and it might very well be something different.

I made chocolate chip cookies yesterday for the holiday party at the program today. Please keep in mind that I’m not a big chef (in fact, far from it), and I have never made chocolate chip cookies. This was going to be interesting. Well, I thought I was going to burn the first batch. Nope. As a matter of fact, they came out as perfect as they were going to come out for the first time. So yeah, they came out pretty good, and they were so tasty, that if I didn’t go and take some the first time I went around that table, I probably wouldn’t have had any. Greedy ass people. Anyway…haha.

You know what really sucks? I would be here typing up a blog, and I know I have something to say and it turns out that I have pretty much forgotten 80% of what I wanted to blog about? I don’t get it. Like now, I had a laundry list. Now, I’m down to a…I don’t even know, this is lower than low, lol. Anyway, with that being said, I’m sorry for the sucky entry. Happy holidays, deck the halls, roast chestnuts on an open fire. And I will leave you with this.

A guy goes looking for present for his wife for Christmas. He goes into a pet shop and sees a parrot. He asks the shop owner, “What does the parrot do?” The shop owner says, “If you light a match and place it under his left foot, he’d sing “Jingle Bells”. The guy is intrigued, but still isn’t too sure, so he asked, “What else?” The shop owner says, “If you light a match and place it under his right foot, he’d sing “Silent Night”. At this point, the guy’s sold, and he buys the parrot for his wife.

He gets home to his wife and presents the parrot to her. She’s kinda ticked, so she asks, “What does he do?” The guy remembers what the shop owner told him, and he lit a match, placed it under the parrot’s left foot, and he starts singing “Jingle Bells”. The wife still isn’t too pleased, so she asks him, “What else does he do?” He then lights a match and places it under the parrot’s right foot and he sings “Silent Night”. His wife still isn’t too impressed (hard to impress her ass, no?), so she asks her husband again, “What else does he do?” The guy is pretty much shitting himself now. That’s all the parrot does. Then he comes up with a brilliant idea. He lights another match, puts it between the parrot’s legs and to his surprise…

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…

6 thoughts on “The holiday season really kicks ass!”

  1. That was a funny story! Oh well I’m glad you have Holiday’s spirit with your family, many people are only worried about the presents but it’s family what makes it all so sweet. On the other hand, it really sucks to write a blog entry, forget the topic or worse, waste hours in type something that it ends being really bad to share.

  2. Hi. It’s been a while since I had the time to return your comment(s). I appologize. School, work, sleeping, and etc had to come first.

    So regardless. Thanks for dropping by and leaving me your cool comments. I appericated them.

    Merry Christmas and happy new year!

  3. Geeze, now I really want cookies. thanks a lot. haha. Just kidding. I hope that your Christmas was/is fantabulous. I love just chilling at home and relaxing to my hearts content 🙂

    As for the rollers– you’re right. I’ve seen it. Only in the ghetto. haha. Or Brooklyn/Queens. LOL. Maybe New Jersey, too.

  4. That story was funny… hehe… I hope your Christmas was unforgettable and lovely! And you’re right, family is what makes Christmas special, not presents. I’m not big on chocolate chip cookies–I don’t like chocolate–but you baking some was nice 😉 Happy New Year’s!

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