Old Man Winter’s a prick.

Let’s touch on Shadow’s WTF Moment of the Week shall we?

WTF Moment of the Week: Apparently bots are getting smarter

Just when you think you can get away from spam bots, they find a way around it. I have Akismet installed (and if you have WordPress, this is highly recommended), and it has caught 399 spam messages. 399! Thank goodness for Akismet, or I would have so many comments, and 90% of them would be about drugs. Now, they’re not too blatant that they’re trying to sell drugs. Oh, no…they’re actually trying to write real comments. The best one is “your blog is on point” or some shit like that. But you see, they aren’t too smart; if they were more advanced, they’d try to use a regular site URL, and make it redirect…and now I’m not absolutely sure why I’m giving these bot makers ideas, but it’s just a thought.

I got email spam a few weeks ago, and the subject was “Summer is almost here…” Now, understandable if the bot was Australia-based, but I don’t remember if it was. In any event, us folk on the northern side of the great place we call Earth are going to be freezing our asses off…or at least a third of the northern side of the great place we call Earth. Summer isn’t for another…6 months. Dammit.

Speaking of the weather…

As you have noticed in the topic–Mother Nature and Old Man Winter got together and is making a few people’s lives a living hell. On Friday it was freezing. Literally. The temperature was 32 degrees. It was also windy, so it felt like the 20’s. It was so cold that I couldn’t even step foot in my basement, and that proved bad because my computer is in the basement. And this is where a laptop comes in handy, but the fuckwads at Dell want $700 for just the part–they don’t even come to the house to fix it. But anyway, the last blog I said that I wasn’t really 100%. I’m still not, actually. I’m not coughing anymore, but my nose runs and sometimes I’m still nasal, but that will very well go away by the end of the week if I’m lucky. At least it didn’t snow a fucking blizzard here. In freaking Buffalo they had about 2 feet of snow. If that was the case in the city, my ass would have never left my room. Pfft, I love the snow, but when it comes down to it, I’m avoiding walking in it at all costs.

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…

In Online News…

I finally got on the ball and finished a new theme for the site. It’s still isn’t the one that should have been done years ago, but it’s one nonetheless, and I thought that a winter…rather a secular theme would be fine. So it’s called Crestfallen: Winter 2006. I actually like how this one came out, and it wasn’t a bitch to code. The header was meant to be simple. I didn’t want too much shit on it because then it would just be too much shit. And I love the colors. Very winter-esque. So now it is my default theme. Until I make another one anyway.

I’ve had a streak of Photoshop creativity juices flowing, so I got off the tucchis and made the header for the theme on P739. Now to actually fix up the theme. Good luck to me, especially since I have never worked with phpBB’s theme system (or anything phpBB for that matter). I can get through it, no? I think I can.

All in all, a rather boring week. Same shit, different day, you know. With that being said, I’m off to do other…stuff.

PS: I actually miss Krissy’s Mobile Meme. I had fun with it. :/

15 thoughts on “Old Man Winter’s a prick.”

  1. Oh god, I know how you feel about the weather and also the illness it causes. I’ve been sick for the past week and a half or so, then a cold front moves in and it drops in the 20’s. 😡 I live in the South, :mrgreen:, really not accustomed to cold weather.

    Congrats on the new theme, by the way. ^_^

  2. I think you said you live in NY? Anyway, I was there back in October, around Halloween, and I noticed the temperatures tend to be roughly the same as I get in Ontario, Canada. It’s insanely annoying because one day it’s minus 0 (which would be the low twenties for you? I don’t know xD) and then it would be plus ten… MAKE UP YOUR MIND DAMMIT.

    Actually, we shouldn’t complain.. at least we haven’t had a nasty blizzard yet! =p

  3. I know what you mean about the stoopid spam bot things. How do they find your site and then manage to post on it? I have one of those image verification scripts but they got through that also, something about ‘I have a similar blog…’ and giving Google as the web address. Pff!

    Gem xx

  4. I was reading where you said that Buffalo got 2 feet last friday…hm, Im in Buffalo and I dont remember it snowing last friday. It snowed really bad Thursday, I was out in it (had to work). Now its warm (well warmer) then it has been, I hate the weather here.

    Spam bots suck, I don’t get a lot on my website, used to when I owned a domain but not much anymore. I get tons through email though.

    I think I have found my new favourite blog to read in this site, it takes a lot to keep me interested.

  5. The bots are getting smarter. I think a few days ago, I thought they were real comments because for some reason !they actually made some sense. The URL’s automatically gave them away. =)

    Good job on the new theme. I like it.

  6. i remember being spammed on my subdomain and it was baddd. i wish it was snowing here and have cold weather. we usually get snow about this time of year, but nooo we get warm ewwy weather. i like your new theme. simple and neat. the coding is pretty awesome.

  7. argh! i’ve been getting so much spam lately. well, not as much as you, but i didn’t get any before i don’t think. but they ARE getting smarter. ughh. kinda throws me off.

  8. My email has been getting spammed lately. It blows. Anyway, lucky you having cold weather, I believe it’s like 70 degrees plus here, it’s like summer in the middle of December when there should be snow. So much for a white Christmas here. Also, I love the new layout, it’s simple, but I really like the blue.

  9. Hey there! I know what you mean… I usually get around 10+ spam emails every day. It’s sooo annoying. And comments too. Thanks God, I’ve installed Spam Karma for wp. It’s cold here too… I hate nose runs. I’m dreaming of a white Christmas too… I like this theme – simpycity, nice colors… Good job! Take care!

  10. I want to see the theme for Project739, lol. And that sucks about your spam. I’m too lazy to check mine so I have no idea how many I actually have. Anyway, if Krissy was still doing her Mobil Meme I’d participate. Why did she stop?

  11. Ha! It’s not even summer here. We’ve had one hot day since the beginning of summer. Tomorrow, the forecast is for HAIL and SNOW down south. Crazy!

    Spam bots need to crawl up their own asses and die. Heh. I’m aware they don’t have asses and such, but I’m being figurative here 😛

  12. Yess… I agree. Technology is getting better and better. But everything has side effects. I’m sure you realize what that side effect is. =D But the people are such assholes. You can try blocking their IP or something.
    Ohhh I love your theme. 😉

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