Of Disintegrating Apple Pies, Fonts, and Playstations

I’m going to touch base on a few things.

The worst most misused fonts

On my endeavors online, I came across this site. Basically, she’s saying that certain fonts should die a horrible death because they’re ugly. Or at least that’s that I got out of it. The blog was written in a very sarcastic manner, and I got a few giggles out of it. But me? I don’t really think there’s a such thing as a bad font. I just think that certain fonts are misused, overused, and inappropriately placed. Since it seems like the target, let’s use our friend Comic Sans MS for example. Not a lot of people may not have noticed, but after reading this, I was like, “come to think of it…”

My high school used Comic Sans on everything. Fliers, newsletters, name it, CS has made its appearance. Not only was it used, but it was in purple. That’s right folks, Comic Sans in purple. I love the color purple, don’t get me wrong, and I understood that the school color was purple, but really. When I was like 14-15, I thought it was the shit. Now if I saw a newsletter from them now, I’d think it was shit. Comic Sans isn’t a bad font per se, it’s just been misused and inappropriately placed. I wouldn’t use it on a layout because I’d probably be the laughingstock of the e-world. You know how they say that there’s a time and place for everything? Well, there’s a time and place for a font. Don’t put CS on casket sale fliers.

I’d add on a few more on the list of misused and overused fonts. Scriptina, which I happen to like, but I make my use of it scarce, is on top of the list. Then Once in a While, even though I happen to like it, but I’ve seen it too many times, and sometimes it’s inappropriately placed. Nasty goes on the list as well. Once again, a font I like, but it’s been overcooked so to speak. Print Clearly (or some shit like that) goes on that list as well. I like it, but at the same time, it’s like “if I see that shit one more time…!”

As I have said. There isn’t a such thing as a bad font. But there sure as shit is a such thing as bad timing.

WTF Moment of the Week: 400,000 Playstation 3’s, Millions of people wanting, and loads of landlords not getting their dough.

Today was the official release of the Playstation 3. You know, I thought that Black Friday was bad, but I seriously didn’t know that this is tenfold worse. You see, there were only 400,000 of the $600 suckers. Each store didn’t have more than 100-150. So basically the odds of getting one was 1 to 700. That means that 400,000 people are happily playing with their PS3’s, while the rest are…well…for lack of better term, fucked up the ass with no vaseline. People were camped out for 5 days. 5 days. 5 days without washing your ass. 5 days of (possibly) pissing yourself so you don’t have to go out the line. We had rain in torrents last night, and people spent $10 on freaking ponchos. Not to mention that several people got hurt trying to get the coveted console (and I use “coveted” very loosely). WTF?!

You know, there is one thing I don’t understand. $600. Do these people not have bills to pay? Come on. I don’t understand the reasoning behind it. Yes, I know you want a new game. But seriously, don’t you think that you should get your priorities straight? The console isn’t going anywhere; I mean, Sony has to make more eventually, do they not? So why the big rush? Besides, you get it. What now? Where are you going to play it? You’re screwed because your landlord hasn’t seen the rent money for 90 days, so he left a nice eviction notice on your house. All because of one $600 game console, you are now confined to your mother’s basement. It’s not really worth it. And if you are already in your mother’s basement, and have been for 36 years, I think you can take that $600 and put it towards your own place.

Me? I don’t know. It just so happens that I am a small-time gamer, and I would love to get the Nintendo Wii, but unless I hit the big jackpot, it’s not happening this year. But in case I did have $600, I would spend $250 on the Nintendo Wii (what is wrong with this picture?), and the other $350 would go towards…loads of shopping. I do need more clothes. Furthermore, the holidays are coming up. I’m not blowing that much money on one thing. I don’t even see $600 in one year. As a matter of fact, I don’t remember seeing $200 since last November, let alone…$600. Humans are such nuts.

Disintegrating Apple Pies

This is the epitome of randomness, but I have to bring it up. On Wednesday I bought 2 apple pies from McDonald’s for lunch at the program. They were a bit chilly (WTF?!), so I decided to warm one of them up in the microwave. Let’s talk about this microwave for 2 seconds. What do you do when you cannot use the number buttons to press in the time? What if you only had three choices–poultry, meat, and fish? Which would you pick?

I picked poultry, which in the microwave over there is high on 14 minutes. I kept it in there for 15 seconds. That’s it–just a mere 15 seconds. So how the fuck was it so hot that I burned the holy shit out my tongue? Golly, can you imagine if I went the whole 30 seconds (I usually can get away with that on mine–but then again, there’s no such thing as a poultry setting)?

I was staying after hours with the other 2/3 of a group I call the “Trio of Randomness” (Me, another girl, and a guy), and I take out my next apple pie. So the guy asks me if I’m going to put the apple pie in the microwave and disintegrate it. Now it seems to me that it is now a running joke between us. That, and our random breaking out in songs such as “Peanut Butter and Jelly Time”, and “Don’t Rock the Boat” (from the M&M’s commercial). Disintegrating apple pies. Hm, that might actually be a good idea for an invention, don’t you think?

Now that I have left you with this eternal entry, I will say this–I’m off to actually work on a site.

11 thoughts on “Of Disintegrating Apple Pies, Fonts, and Playstations”

  1. Ahh. I agree. Comic Sans is probably the most violated, overused, raped (I couldn’t resist using that term) font ever. You see it in beginner websites, flyers, posters, everything. And I’m so sick of Scriptina. And Honey Script.

    I didn’t know there was already a PlayStation 3. Then again, I don’t care much for video game consoles anyway. I’ve never even touched a PlayStation 2. Haha.

  2. I absolutely HATE long blog entries, but yours was the most entertaining blog I have read in SO long. I don’t think I can agree with you on your points any more. So many fonts are overused. The most overused font that I love is Times New Roman. I could never get sick of that font.

    My cousin was one of those idiots camped out in front of a Best Buy waiting for a PS3. He gets paid enough throughout the week to afford one though AND pay his rent though. But still… why get it now? He already has a gaming system AND the PS3 is being recalled ALREADY because it won’t play PS and PS2 games!! How retarded. I can’t get over that.

  3. Yes, font choice is important. “Bad fonts” should always be taken into context. Hell, I never care if the font’s Comic Sans MS, just as long as I can read the text. But I’d certainly do not want to see Comic Sans used by advertising agencies. No, sire.

    Some people just have to much money on their hands. They can’t wait to get rid of it. I’m not a Playstation player, but even if I am and I have $600, I’d rather spend it on some other things. Might buy myself a brand new laptop.

    Heh, good thing our microwave isn’t the same as yours. We get to pick the temperature. I wouldn’t know what to pick if I were you. Poultry sounded like the best choice, but haha, sorry for burning your tongue. 😀

  4. CS reminds me of a kid writing in crayon. I wonder if I’m the only one that sees that, but I am known to see very unusual things. I’d have to say I agree with the whole font thing, because a lot of fonts are actually pretty cool. You just can’t really use all of them with everything; it just wouldn’t look good. So, mix and matching fonts can take a bit of time, obviously.

    Hah! The whole playstation craze has me confused. I don’t understand why people would camp outside a store for a $600 console. Seriously … when you said, “don’t these people have bills to pay” I was nodding my head. That’s like three car payments for me. That’s like … 160 GRANDE MOCHA FRAPICHINOS AT STARBUCKS!

    But seriously, people are very strange.

  5. Eee! Yes. I used to use comic sans alot, when I was in junior high, because I liked how it was so bubbly and stuff, but then everyone started using it and it started to get really really ugly. Like a whole newsletter of it, seems like it was for some daycare or something.

    As for the PS3, if I wanted it, I would wait a while, because right now, people would probably find glitches and bugs. Maybe come out with something cooler, like with the Nintendo DS, I got one when it came out, and few monthes later, BOOM DS LITE ! 🙁 Besides. 600$ for that is kind of pricey. Plus you have to buy games too ?

    Lovely microwave o_o Not very useful.

  6. i remember when i actually liked comic sans. lol. i haven’t used it in years.
    i could never afford to waste money on a ps3, bills and food are more important. i don’t see why they would actually camp outside of stores for it either. i don’t see what’s so amazing about it.

  7. i have to agree with you about the misused fonts. my school/ teachers used comic sans on everything. litterally. and im like. why choose this font? like omg. and as for apple pies. lol. when i get them, their sometimes cold, and all groggy ew. and people got shot for standing in line waiting to buy a ps3. wtf, and hey, i added you to my link exchanges, thanks for the comment.

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