The Art of Laughter

I had a few laughs since my last entry. I don’t know if I’m actually in the best mood I’ve been in for 6 months, or if I’m just being easily amused. I can’t remember them all, so I’ll name just a few.

-On Monday, I was getting my hair done, and my niece was (trying to) doing her homework in the kitchen. I gotta warn you, she is only 6 years old, so this conversation is…well, just read it.

Me: I have a million dollars.
Her: You don’t have a million dollars!
Me: Yes, I do. It’s in my bank account.
Her: No, you don’t. You don’t even have a job!
Me: Maybe I won the lottery.
Her: Do you even play it?

…How do you answer to that? I think I can finally use the word “pwned” right now. As in “I was pwned by a 1st grader.”

-I was playing spades with a few folks from the program last week in the computer room during lunch. Someone left their phone near one of the computers, so one of the girls find it and says “whose phone is this?” No one answers, so she repeats it again.

“Whose cheap phone is this?”

I have no idea why I found this hilarious, but I couldn’t help but to laugh at it. Every time I think about it I go into a fit of laughs. Easily amused much?

-I’m in the computer room again; this time, I’m playing Boggle on the computer. Me and two other people are looking for words and we couldn’t find shit, so we quit the game, and anyone who has played Boggle on the computer knows that they give the word list after you quit. We’re looking through the words, and “SEDUCED” was one of them. I was like, “Ain’t this a bitch and a half? I have a twisted mind and I didn’t see ‘SEDUCED’?!”

Okay, so some people may not have found this one funny, but it seemed so at the time.

-Today, I’m eating a Snack Wrap from McDonald’s and I’m opening it up to put some barbeque sauce on it, and to my dismay, I find a piece of chicken. Literally, a piece of chicken. Barely 3 inches long. I’m here like “What the fuck is this?!! Look at this piece of shit! Look at this little ass piece of chicken. I spent $1.29 on this?!” Of course, this is just the edited version of what I wanted to say.

“This piece of chicken is about as long as my ex’s dick.”

I came real close to saying it too. But I stopped myself because I need to stop being so blunt in my words. I have developed a new kind of sarcasm–sarcasm so thick, you need a drill to cut through it. That one would have probably got me in trouble.

And that is the art of laughter…Nat Marie’s style.

Everything else? Still figuring out the aesthetics of Violets are Blue (it looks fine, yes, but I’m still trying to figure out the sidebar…or bottom bar). Still need to code my other layout. I found 18 spam registrations on P739. I need to fix that sumbitch. I should get my ass up and work on portfolio. I also have another project, that I initially called Ambiance, but I had this song in my head, so I might change it to FreezeFrame. It might actually fit better because of what it’s going to be, and I will say nothing more about that. Shadows need to be fixed up too. Unorthodox Host’s layout needs fixing (you can’t see it yet, muh-haa!). And not to mention, I’m still single, bitter, and horny. So, I have my work cut out for me. Without being all stressed and shit. Can I pull it off? I dunno. If there was a time to believe in a higher deity, now would be that time.

I think I have covered everything I needed to. Yeah, I think so.

10 thoughts on “The Art of Laughter”

  1. Gee whiz it was hard to find where to comment.
    $1.29 fora chickeny wrap type thing??
    We have ‘deli choice rolls’ at maccas and they are like $7 each, but they’d be like $4 in America with the exchange rate &&such i assume.

    If I were there at the time that girl said that about the phone, I probably would have laughed.

  2. Life is full of little surpises, both good and bad. At least you seem to be having a fun time! Sarcasm is the best way to cheer anyone up. At least for someone like me. Looks like you have a lot of work to do, though.

  3. Haha..The cellphone thing is funny~Wow if i were asked by a kids that question,i wonder how i would answer.Kids nowadays are clever…The look and learn at the same time!I guess your cousin learnt from some adults haha..

  4. I tend to find when the kids in the orphanage that I volunteer in give me lip like that, a quick dousing with scalding water, or occasionally a public flogging shut them up for a little while at least.

    That said you illustrate a good point – I can’t remember being that smart-arsed back in the day when I was a tyke.

  5. I love your bluntness. It’s great. Anyway, MUAH is back up. I figured it had been on revamp status for awhile and I should open it. I promise I’ll try and update more often. No guarantees though.

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