Hello mother. Hello father.

I’m sure everyone has had these moments. You’re typing at the computer, and all of the sudden a random song pops into your head. Sometimes it’s songs that you can’t particularly stand, but now it is stuck in your already stressed cranium. Now you’re singing said song, sometimes 5-10 times an hour. And it’s usually the same parts too.

I’m having that problem as we speak. I’ve had it happen to me a few times in the past week. Perfect example: the latest M&M’s commercial with the boat men singing “Don’t Rock the Boat”. For those not familiar with it:

Red and Yellow are rowing a boat with about 20 other half naked men from way back when. They’re rowing and saying “row” in sync. Red and Yellow starts singing:

Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream…
(the men join in) Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily–

Then the leader of the boat cracks a whip (apparently to stop the singing), and starts to say, “I’d like to know…” Then Yellow says “if you’ve got the notion?” then Red starts…

To…rock the boat, don’t rock the boat baby
(the men join in) Rock the boat, don’t tip the boat over…

I find myself singing that song and because my uncle plays it all the time on boats, I know most of the words. So, I start singing the rest of the song.

Tonight, it’s the K9 Advantix commercial.

Hello, mother. Hello, father.
Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes,
Really bother,
Thanks for the package,
That’s why I’m writing,
K9 Advantix quickly stops all the biting
Swimming, hiking, and tent pitching,
They’re not biting,
I’m not itching,
Can’t wait to show you,
All my new tricks,
Thanks again for sending me K9 Advantix.

Hey, at least it takes my mind off of stuff.

Anyway, this week…um…hm. I don’t want to sound completely melodramatic, so I’ll leave the excessive ranting alone…for now. I will say these few things:

1) Wash your ass. Unless you are homeless, or don’t have running water, you have no excuse for smelling like horse ass, dog shit, and old semen.
2) The difference between private hospitals and general hospitals is that in private hospitals, you will actually see your doctors at your appointed time. 9:15 means 10:45 in general hospitals.

With that being said, I need to do a few things, and I have only less than 2 hours to do it. So I will shut up now.

16 thoughts on “Hello mother. Hello father.”

  1. That happens to me all the time! Expecially with that K9 Advantix commerical (the puppy is so adorable lol). Sometimes I truly hate commercials because the stupid songs get stuck in my head.

  2. Lol i’ve never had that happen with a commercial song .. but with regular annoying and overplayed songs … it gets me so frusterated and annoyed! LMAO and your rants … ahh that was great:)!!

  3. You are an insane girl. I love that song though. Seriously. I’ll break out in that song all the damn time. It’s just frustrating because my mom laughs at me for it.

    Oh well. What can you do ya know?

    As for the rest…I don’t have suitable comment material. So I’ll just say I love you and you should do the ranting on Vox. Like I did. ;D

  4. I get horrible, annoying songs stuck in my head A LOT. I know that that “hello mother, hello father” song is another song too…so now I keep humming it in my head…haha…you got me on it, too! lol I hope you got everything you needed to get done done. I’m such a procrastinator, so I know how that is. 🙂

  5. I get songs stuck in myhead all the time, usually it’s songs I hate or my moms been singing. I know COMPLETELY what you mean when you say at general hospitals you get asked to show up at 9:15am and usually you aren’t attended to untill 10:45am. I get it all the time as I continually have to go to the hospital for check ups all the time.

  6. Ah, I get random and often annoying songs stuck on my head almost constantly. It drives me insane, especially since this seems to happen usually around midnight :/

  7. Hey. wow that happens to me all the times! And i been thinking about that Advantix commercial song for this whole week now loL. i dont know why, just have loL. haha, that m&m’s commerciaL is so hilartious to me loL. but oh, i like your site its pretty. take carexo-

  8. I get that everyday at work, however it is not so bad. Usually a Nelly song like “Na na na na” or some of the more popular TI songs get stuck. Although my work does play music on the overhead PA… it is mixed with all sorts of stuff and the country songs just piss me off.

  9. OMG! That K9 Advantix commercial’s song is so adorable! That voice and song really fit that dog well… and yes, everytime I see it, the song is stuck in my head for HOURS afterwards.

  10. Lol never heard of that song but yeah it happens to me. it gets irritating after awhile though, singing the same song over and over again. and i agree with point 2, thats why people go private hospitals. ^^

  11. I never got the M&M commercial, but the song is very catchy. I always get the song Crazy by Gnarls Barkly(sp?) in my head. I hate that song with a passion, but i tend to sing it at a random moment. =/

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