Prostitutes. So easy, even a caveman can do it.

All right, let me explain the subject. This blog has absolutely nothing to do with prostitutes, but it’s one of those random lines that I was like “ooh”. So before it flies out of my mind, I documented it. It’s basically a fucked up version of one of Geico’s commercials. Namely the ones with the cavemen in them.

Aanyway. Nothing much has been going on. Same shit, different day basically. I’m a bit stressed, but that’s because I’m taking on too many projects at once, and trying to finish up on the web design classes, which I’m having a hard time doing because the program I need to do the project on (yes, another freaking project–go fricken figure) requires 256MB’s RAM, and I only have half of that on this desktop. It might not even install. I’m going to try it anyway. Unless I’m going to be fucked up the ass with no vaseline. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is not a good feeling.

I know I said that I had a few things to blog about last week, but like I said, it was going to fly right out my brain. Which sucks because now this one is going to be extremely barren and random, and not a lot of people like random. But then again, not a lot of people like long droning blogs talking about what someone ate that morning, noon, and night. People are fickle.

I just remembered something that I was going to blog about last week. I visited a site of a 16-year-old girl who felt extremely uncomfortable in her own skin. The way she described her feelings reminded me of…myself. So I left this for her to read:

You see, society has this mold in which you must fit. In America unfortunately, society’s mold is size 2 (or even smaller), perfect skin, perfect teeth…basically perfect everything. If you do not fit the mold, you’re automatically considered an outcast. You can be the most sweetest person ever, but because you’re a size 16 with a few small imperfections that cannot be fixed at the moment, you’re passed right by. If you’re lucky enough to find a guy who says that you are beautiful, there’s a good chance that they’re just saying it just to get in your pants, and once that happens, they can dump you and ridicule you some more.

See, I’ve been told that I’m pretty and I’m really nice, but I certainly don’t feel that I am pretty. Nice? Sure, but because some people are just that shallow and superficial, they’ll probably pass you by without giving a second look. It’s fucked up, yes. But that’s how society corrupted people.

I’m probably going to elaborate more on this when I write out my essay for Writings on the Wall, but basically it’s like this. I’m fucking sick of seeing these rail-thin models who have their ribs poking out so far that you can have drumsticks and play on them. Why do you think that so many girls these days have eating disorders? Because of the media and the stigma they put on people who are larger. It’s not even about plus sizes either (I’ll get to that shit later). These girls are already at a healthy weight, and then they see these bony ass women on TV and they yearn to be them, so they think that they are fat.

Then let’s talk about the opposite sex. I know that I had a hard time in elementary school because I was larger than the rest of them, but I wasn’t like 300 pounds. There was a guy, short as hell, and about 300 pounds who had the audacity to call me fat. At that time, I didn’t have the kind of tongue that I have now. My release was to go home and cry my eyes out. It wasn’t just him though; my whole class from the 3rd grade on until high school was in on it. Me, I left it alone, but deep inside I felt…unattractive. Kids are cruel. High schoolers can be superficial as well, but at least it’s not as bad as it is when you’re younger. So back to the opposite sex–there are a lot of them who will talk to a girl who wasn’t a size 2, befriend them, but anything else? Nah. It wouldn’t look good to their friends. Imagine seeing your friend with a girl who’s a size 16 on his arm. If you are that superficial, you’d probably say “what the fuck are you doing with her?” That’s a bit disheartening.

In Spain they have basically banned models who have a BMI of below 18. That pretty much knocks out 80% of the models out there now. So maybe the BMI thing is a little extreme, but I see where they’re going with it. They want to show people, especially women and young girls, that you can be beautiful while not being a 000 (yes there is a such thing), 00, 0, or the proverbial 2. Hell, you can be beautiful while being a size 24. I believe the line is “work with what you have”. You have a big ass, work with it. You have big titties, work with it. Even if you have small boobage and booty, you can still work with it. Give society a big flip of the bird.

As for me? I have my own problems, and I’m trying to work them out. Do I feel 100% comfortable in my skin? Hell no. But compare me to what I was say…a few months ago, I’m a helluva lot better than then. I’m working with what I got…at the moment. Fuck society. I have other things going for me that I’m going to let shine through. They might not accept my looks, but they sure as shit will have to respect everything else about me.

*Takes a deep breath* Now, on to other things. I’m still looking for some man…and woman power for Project 739. I’m still trying to work on it, but it’s slowly going on the backburner. I also have a few themes for here that I need to code and shit. Aaand, my writing page hasn’t been touched since August. I’ve been meaning to type something up, and I’m looking at what I wrote, and I’m like…”damn.” It’s rather daunting, but I’ll get over it…eventually.

Hm. I think that’s about it. I can be completely wrong, but I guess I am done right now.

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  1. I agree with the skinny model ban thats going on. I hope this encourages designers and whatnot to make clothes and get models that look healthier… its all well and good for a girl with her ribs sticking out with no bra to wear a sheer top but really… who wants to see it? I’d prefer someone that at least is a bit of shape. I’m glad for the change.

  2. Hey!

    True, I really agree with you, and it’s not girls only who are bombarded with society and the media’s idea of the perfect look for guys. But then again you’re a girl so this was written in your perspective. Anyyways, something random but people who are fat, try so hard to become thin, not to look “hot” or be a stick but to get healthy work so hard for it, but some people (like my cousins) eat and eat and eat, sometimes almost twice as much as me and never gain a single pound. Yet, they barely excercise. See how some people are just so lucky? Well that’s all for now. Good luck with your project.

  3. What’s disheartening is people who have attitudes like yours. We’re breeding an acceptance of fat in this society, instead of sitting people (yes people, not just girls) down and telling them about the benefits of being healthy we’re screaming about people who are a size 0 being a bad influence on us when in reality it’s our own damn fault half the time.

    I blame much of societies so called problem on people like you. Instead of telling a fat person that they’re fat and need to lose weight we’re telling them that it’s okay, that they’re beautiful no matter what. I don’t know about you but I definitely don’t find someone who is gasping for breath or sweating profusely attractive. Welcome to reality, enjoy your stay.

    Am I a bad person because I don’t find fat people in the least bit attractive? Nope. No moreso than I am a bad person for not finding elderly men attractive (that’s ageism you know). Are you a bad person for spreading the lie that it’s okay to be fat? That it’s better to be fat and loving yourself than happy and loving yourself? Yes, at least in my opinion.

    One thing I’d like to make clear: I am fat, I have been fat since I was thirteen and I’ve endured attacks and teasing (mainly from my own family). I used to feel bad about it, it used to bother me to no end but I made the conscious decision that it wasn’t going to bother me anymore. I decided to take control and start exercising and eating better. I feel better for just trying, I feel better because I know (even though it’s likely that I have “fat genes”) that I can lose the weight, or most of it. I’m not going to sit there and waste my time whining about skinny people like most other fat people do. I have more productive things to do with my time.

    Didja know that a lot of those models are skinny naturally? I know it’s hard to grasp but there are a lot of people in this world who are skinny and can’t help it. You’d be surprised at how many skinny people develop eating disorders because fat people are spreading the word that real women have curves and to be a beautiful woman you have to have curves (curves meaning fatty bulges). Go into the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty and look at the fat people attacking and dismissing the skinny peoples concerns that it’s harmful to other people. All this society cares about is making the loudest, most obnoxious “minority” feel better and to hell with everyone else and their feelings.

  4. Hmm. I think someone misread your post up there. I don’t think you said anything about it being okay to be fat, just that if you are fat – who cares!? There’s a difference. And being fat doesn’t mean you’re going to be sad. Ugh.

    This post is awesome, Nat Marie. I agree with all of it. You’re an awesome person

  5. Excuse me? I’m the one to blame for society’s fucked up perception of fat people? Last time I checked, I’ve only seen one or two people who are on the larger side on TV today. That pales to the shitload of them who are smaller than a size 12.

    First of all, I don’t think you’ve heard me, but I’ve had a weight problem ever since I was born. I was born normally, and then it went pretty much downhill ever since. So guess what? I’ve been struggling for pretty much 21 years, and I have not been cut any motherfucking slack from anyone, apparently not from you either.

    Like I also said, I never said that it wasn’t okay to have preferences. But completely striking out fat people because they’re “lazy”? Lazy! Or even fucking better–because they’re fat. I, in no part of this post or elsewhere did say that a 600 pound person is healthy. But they shouldn’t be dated because they’re 600 pounds? Get the fuck outta here. And as for sweating profusely–unless the guys you meet are freaks, males do sweat. And as for women, I can tell you right now, I don’t have a sweating problem, and I’m not the only one, I’m sure.

    Oh, don’t give me that caca about models. Yes I know that a lot of them are naturally skinny. It’s not directed to them as much as it is to the people who aren’t natually rail-like trying to lose so much weight that they look unhealthy. I have a sister who’s 5’5″ and 118 pounds. She knows how much I hate being the size I am, and she also knows that I would go to extremes to be a smaller size. I would love to be a size 2, but it’s not going to happen in this lifetime. But anyway…

    You know, interestingly enough, I do commend you for being strong, and not taking any shit. But hasn’t it occurred to you that some people feel a little more strongly about this issue than others? So it will probably outrage one person, and the other will take it lightly. As you can see, I’m freaking outraged at how we’re singled out because we aren’t a certain way.

    You misread my post pretty much. It sounds like you just posted this out of fucking rage (and from what I’ve seen, you’re known for this shit), and ya know what? People like you can go straight to hell. I don’t know where you get loud and obnoxious from, but ya know, if posting my opinion on my site and anywhere else for that matter makes me loud and obnoxious, then motherfucker, SO. MOTHERFUCKING. BE. IT.

  6. Thank you, Nellie. I had to get it out because I’m sick and tired of people like this one up there trying to bullshit me. She doesn’t know where I came from. She may be fat (if she even wants to call it that, I’m a freaking size 24), but we have two completely different perceptions.

    But eh, whatever. Ugh.

  7. You aren’t the only one and you misread MY comment. I said that there are messed up views perpetuated by fat people that are damaging to society as a whole. The sad fact is that most of us prefer a healthy looking person (not to say that everyone in Hollywood looks healthy).

    I’m mainly referencing myself and the majority. You have a genetic weight problem? Sorry to hear that, but the fact of the matter is that most people these days are fat because they are lazy pigs (walk into McDonald’s and take a look around, there are children eating supersized shit!). I don’t really care whether or not you’ve been cut any slack, that’s life not everyone is going to love you or care enough to give you a break (ho boy do I know that one). In the end you’re either going to have to learn to cut yourself some slack and make up for other people or continue feeling badly.

    The more time I spend around my grandmothers family the more I realise that I more than likely have a genetic problem. My Great-Aunt was over 400lbs and at one point she was about 600lbs the rest of the family is pretty much the same way. They start out normal but quickly morph into The Blob from outerspace. All things considered I have a tough time ahead of me.

    I’m not striking them out because they’re lazy. I’m striking them out because they’re disgusting and fug (at least to me, before you throw a chair at me you’d better know that I find extremely skinny people disgusting and fug too. IT IS OKAY TO HAVE FUCKING PREFERENCES YOU DINK. YOU CAN’T FORCE SOMEONE TO LIKE SOMETHING THEY JUST DON’T LIKE.

    The people I meet are not freaks, they exert more effort because of the added amount of weight and therefore they sweat more and have trouble breathing. THIS IS INDICITIVE OF JUST ABOUT EVERY FAT CLOGGED OBESE PERSON OUT THERE.

    You’re focusing too much on size (hey another leftover from the shit idiots throw at you). It’s not about size, it’s about healthy body weight. Hey I know, maybe if more people talked about healthy body sizes as opposed to clothing sizes then we wouldn’t be in the trouble we’re fucking in.

    I feel very strongly about this. And of course you’re going to fucking be singled out, society has it’s preferences and it’s preferences aren’t leaning towards the obese. Why is that a bad thing?

    Out of rage? Oh bitch, plz. I am not known for “fucking” rage (wow, you can swear you’re cool), I’m known for being outspoken and opinionated, I’ll forgive you for that because the internet can’t display emotion 😉

    Look at it this way: People who make the most noise are the ones who get heard. The fat people are the ones making the most noise and therefore the plight of the rest of the body types is being ignored in favor of making the majority happy.

  8. It sucks you have so much to do at one time, and its really annoying that your pc doesnt have enough ram for the program, i hope it installs for you anyway *hugs*

    I totally agree with you, society today when it comes to looks and weight is disgusting, and only now are they starting to campain for larger models to model designer clothing. but the designers argue their clothes hang better on skinner girls, wtf, seriouslky the whole thing is messed up.

    was thinnner as a child then i am now, and lucily i know quite a few people who arnt concerned with weight. But in school i was the ugly one so i kind of know how you feel, kids can be so crule and if you don’t fit their ‘i want to be popular’ standard you fall short.

    Spain is an example to us all thank god they banned that lower than that bmi! I dont feel comfortable at all but your right you have to work with what you’ve got, because confidence is attractive too, who cares what your weight is, its how you put yourself forward. sure the shallow people will go for th pretty girls. But its the confident girls no matter their appearence that are the true catch and the same goes for guys as well.

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