3 months and some days down, 2 more to go. Hopefully.

Edit #2:Flora was a bitch, but I was a bigger bitch. As far as I know, I fixed the resolution problem. It took me about 6 freaking hours. Straight. Wait no…I started at 9 and now it is 3:30am, so…yeah, 6 and a half freaking hours. Unfortunately, due to the size of the header, I couldn’t make it so that those with massively ancient computers (namely ones that still has a 640x…some shit resolution) could view it properly. But as long as you have 800×600, you’re straight. I guess. I pray to a higher deity that it did work, because 6 hours…I haven’t pissed in 6 hours. That’s bad. I’m still validating the theme, so Validator-Nazis, please step off the clit. That is all.

Edit:Man, Flora was a bitch. So basically, Angel told me that the text is off in her resolution, so she showed me a screenshot, and lo and behold, it was. So I went to check in 800×600 via online web resolution viewer type thingy. To my dismay, it was off again. I tried fixing it, and fucked up the whole thing, so I had to delete it. Don’t worry, it’s coming back, but I’m going to test it outside of wordpress, and hopefully get good results. I was up until 3:30 trying to figure it out. Oh, that was 3:30…am. So you know I’m rather ticked, but eh. I can live. So hold on tight. I promise it will be back.

Heh. I’m probably in the best mood since…maybe the day I lost my virginity. Here’s why. After 3 (and a half) months of being confined to a program that just shoves “YOU HAVE A MENTAL ILLNESS” down your throat every day, I only have 2 days to go. Hopefully.

Right now, all there is to do is to release my info to this new place, and set up the outpatient psych to go to once a month, and by Friday, hell or fucking high water, I’m out of that place. See ya. It ain’t getting any better. Eventually it will just die a slow horrible death. Wait a minute…it’s already terminal. Eh, whatever.

I got a few comments about why I was forced to go to a psychiatrist. I wasn’t forced to go to the psychiatrist, I was forced to go to her. You see, the program has only one psychiatrist on the floor that deals with both programs (partial and this hellhole I’m in now). As long as you’re in either program, you have to report to her to get medication, get advice for medication, that type of thing. So I’ve been seeing her for 5-odd months, and every time I go to see her, she always has some negativity or some stereotypical dumb blonde remark. “You don’t have any motivation”, “I need to up your dosage”, “You need to lose weight”. Yes, this bitch tells me something that I already fricken know. Yeah, working on it. You upping the dose may be a stupid idea. It’s not supposed to make me gain weight, but psh, something is wrong somewhere. But I digress.

So needless to say, I will be leaving, and I don’t ever have to deal with her again. Hell, anyone who tells me to give up chocolate is not worthy of their reproductive organs. I’d give up all food and eat chocolate if possible. So here’s a big “fuck you” and a flipped bird for ya.

On to site/online/insignificant news. I added a new theme. I told you that I was going to bring it from my Livejournal (someone bought this up in the last entry as well–I didn’t find a use for it either, but it’s good if your friends have one, and if you want to write down deep thoughts that you don’t want the general public to know about–that’s why a lot of them are friends only). Man, it was a bitch. It’s still not exactly right in IE (also known as, as an old friend from high school said about IE-Intercrap Explorer), but I’m going to try to fix it. So right now it’s more or less fine for Firefox.

I’m also re-validating the site. I’m not a Validator-Nazi, but in a desperate search to figure out the problem in the new theme, I started validating the site, and ya know, it wouldn’t be a good idea to start one theme and screw the rest of them, so eventually all of them will be validated. I even had to search for a solution to the WordPress line break problem (they’re shown as <*p>‘s, hence making it invalid). I might have to do some plugin editing as well, because on the new theme there’s only (I think) 3 errors, and all are plugin related. Fun fun. So if something seems a little wonky, please bear with me.

Also, before Angel beat me down with a rusty pole, I’m going to try and work on the other two projects I have. I’m a busy woman. When shall I eat? HAHAHA!!:grin:

Speaking of eating, that’s what I’m going to do, so enjoy your the rest of your life. And think happy thoughts. Think pink fuzzy bunnies. (Add pink fuzzy bunny here)

16 thoughts on “3 months and some days down, 2 more to go. Hopefully.”

  1. lol glad your classes with the crazy psch.are soon to be over.and good luck with validating-I hate doing it but it is something that always has to be done.

  2. That outpaitent program sounds even worse than my one was and mine was pretty bad. They scared me into being happy, I swear.

    All of your themes are gorgeous! As are you 😀

  3. Well, it’s good to hear that your program will be done soon and you’ll never have to see psycho bitch lady, who’s in severe need of the meds she gave you ever again. I know you’re excited, you’ve been in that program for awhile and I’m sure you’re going to scream for joy when you’re out. Anyway, good like with the site validation. I don’t have the time or patience… well mostly time to do it, lol. Anyway, get to work on those projects… I have my rusty pole handy!

  4. OMG, your psychiatrist, sounds exactly like my therpist. Glad to hear your program will be done soon, wish I could get out of the hell im stuck in.

  5. That is good to hear you managed to get the site all clear. I remember days and nights spending hours and hours doing things like that. It is a great feeling when you manage to beat it. ;D

  6. It’s good that you’ll be able to leave the program to get away from that lady. Sounds like she’s just been causing you more stress instead of trying to help you out. Good luck with the site validation. 🙂

  7. I have alot of thoughts in my head about this post but I do not know quite how to say them. I am glad you fixed your layout issue, I have had a few bad ones myself. What a hair puller they can be.

    so why are you going to a phyc? I am kinda going to see one right now too.

  8. I’m happy you’ll be able to leave the program, it doesn’t seem like a day at the park. “Since I lost my virginity” AHAH, that made me laugh.

  9. HA! I’ve never been to this website before, I got here through Nellie’s website. I think you host her website. ANYhow, I loved your post and I barely got half of it, seeing as it was the first post I’ve ever read of yours. Sorry, I tend to waffle a bit lol. And I read the projectsex page and shit that made me laugh too lol. About the world being fluff and lemon drops or something?! Even though sadly I’m only 16 and I unfortunately don’t get to join in on your little fun and games hehe. See ya 🙂 xx

  10. Hey!

    Haven’t been here in a while, sorry ’bout that. Thanks for visiting again though!

    Yeah, I hate it when my layouts don’t work on certain resolutions or browsers. I wouldn’t say I’m a Validator-Nazi though since I don’t really validate, I just do it until it looks find on browsers and resolutions, then I forget about the other stuff 😛

    6 hours though, that’s a lot of work, hopefully it all paid off in the end. Glad to hear too, that you only have 2 days left, no more of that crap you just mentioned!

  11. Thats good that your sessions with that weirdo psychiatrist woman are nearing to an end! I always thought of psychiatrists as just being intimidating but yours just seems like an idiot!

    And good luck with validating! I still need to finish validating my site, most of the problems are ones I don’t even understand though!

  12. Well sucks to have a bad psychiatrist but it’s good to get help. Other people can see the problems and shrinks are there to make you admit your problems.
    You’re layout looks great – it looks fine to me~ Keep up the good work w/ the site.

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