No Motivation, ducked the quack.

All right, I really need to start blogging more often. I was working on my Livejournal, and that took up a lot of time. Man, that layout was a bitch. Aaanyway, I’m planning to bring that one here. Good fucking luck to me.

Okay, my quack of a psychiatrist upped my dose again. Her excuse: “no motivation”. I say, “you’re full of shit”. You try being somewhere where you aren’t getting paid to be forced to go. You try getting up at 8:30 in the morning to go somewhere where the vast majority of the people are twice your age. Try dealing with boring ass people. Fuck you. I know where my motivation lies, and this place has gotten…stale. To the point where it’s almost molding into oblivion. So shut the fuck up about motivation.

Seriously, this woman is getting on my last nerve. She’s a complete idiot. This is the same one who said “do your websites on paper.” Chyeah, you tell me how to do a website “on paper”, and I’ll do it, fucking genius.

I’m thinking of a center design for Project 739. I was telling Angel that I have an idea of how I want it to look, but it’s the matter of finding an image to go with the theme of the site. I’m going to look some more, and see what I can find. Hopefully I can find something decent. Hopefully.

Since is going to be expiring in 13 (?) days, I needed to redirect the portfolio somewhere. So where shall I redirect it? Then it hit me. Here. Lemme explain. A few months ago, I was constructing another secret project. It was called Dear X, which was inspired by one of Lavish‘s boards. It was one of those areas where the members bitched to evil customers, evil bosses, and even evil yeast-infected coochies in letter form. Now, I could have thought of a million people to write this “letter” to, so what happened? I don’t know actually. I guess I just gave up on the idea. Sounds familiar? (Even though I’m thinking of probably redoing Unpleasant Dreams…maybe under another name? *shrugs*) So maybe I’ll be doing some serious multi tasking with Phase 1 of Project 739, the new Unpleasant Dreams, and the portfolio, (probably unfortunately) named Melodramática (“melodramatic” in Spanish). Long story about the name. It was supposed to be Rhapsody, but I liked that one better, and I didn’t completely get rid of the Rhapsody idea. Chyeah.

Anyway, I’m not in the best of moods today. I probably won’t be in the best of moods tomorrow…or the next day. I will explain it in the LJ (which will be friends only because a few people online already knows about this site, and they need not to know exactly what I’m thinking right now), but let’s just say that this is almost the worst I’ve felt since March. Of course, I’m keeping it under wraps from the doctors, because I’ll be damned if I go back into the hospital again.

…So much for hope.

9 thoughts on “No Motivation, ducked the quack.”

  1. If you don’t mind me asking.. What is the reason you’re FORCED to go see a psych? I think that’s so stupid because the whole purpose of a psych is for you to ‘fix YOURSELF’ when YOU think you need fixing – not if someone else wants you ‘fixed’. But maybe I’m in on something I don’t understand here? Keep well.

  2. You know exactly how I feel about that program and that woman is retarded. Make sure to slap her before you leave. Anyway, did you manage to find the picture for Project 739? I hope so, I can’t wait to see what you have planned for it. I was wondering what Melodramtica was going to be, lol. I was like hmm what’s she up to now, lol. I like the font you used on it though so you need to let me know what it’s called. Anyway, sign on to AIM more often chic, otherwise I’m going to have to start harassing you!

  3. Actually I don’t know why are people using livejournal and running personal site at the same time… I don’t want to be rude or anything, but they’re just the same.
    Huh, and I hope you wont go to hospital again!

  4. I love LJ. I have one too. 🙂 I usually use S1 cause I could never figure out the way S2 works. LOL. But I guess it should be easier now that S2 functions on CSS. 😀

    Hope you’re feeling better.

  5. I’m sorry about all the shit that’s not going rght for you at the moment. I hope all of your site plans work out for you and that things get better.

  6. Hey. I was actually wondering why you are ‘forced’ to go to a psychiatrist. If you dont like the way she works, isn’t it easier to just leave? And who designs websites on paper?

    Heh. You certainly seem to have loads of projects in your hands. Best of luck with them. And feel better. Things are never as bad as they seem to be 🙂

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