Y tu punta es?

I found Angel!

Aaanyway, I’m sorry for the far and in between entries. I haven’t had the drive to blog. Which sucks. But I guess it’s because I have hardly nothing to talk about. My life is boring as shit. So…that’s my reason.

Let’s see…what’s happened between August 7th and now? Well…like I’ve said, nothing much per se. I’m still in that Godforsaken program and ya know what? When your own mother looks at you and says that you’re tired of it, it’s that bad. Yep. My father forces me to go to this place, but my mom…it’s as if she doesn’t give two shits anymore because she knows that I’m basically tired of it now, and that I never really liked it from the get go. Hopefully I’ll be done by the end of the month. That place is just…ugh. I thought it was bad two months ago. Now it’s gone to the dogs. At least it was lively back then. Now–if I don’t turn the radio on in the morning, no one will. Pool? The table stays untouched 4 out of the 5 days. I would play, but you know, it was a game designed for two people. All the people who made it seem worthwhile are pretty much gone, so now it’s painfully boring to be there. So it’s time for me to get the fuck up outta there. For real.

My laptop is still an expensive paperweight. I have decided that if I’m going to buy another laptop, I’m going to go to somewhere else besides Dell. Here’s why:

1)I had no problems. None at all…until the warranty was up. Then, my hard drive died (I was told that HD’s usually lasts more than 2 years). My video card was acting up (I couldn’t even go on the desktop), and now this. The last motherboard I had was fine except for a missing usb hub, but this one? Gets a short within one year? Shoddy motherboard making, no?

2)I didn’t want to believe it, but once the warranty is up, technical support sucks ass. I found it strange that their technical team is based in India, but I looked beyond it until last night (more on that in a minute). I can barely understand my parents half the time. What makes you think I’m going to understand your ass?

3)It seems like I wasn’t the only one with the same problem. Here was the real problem: from May on, the laptop would for some reason switch from AC power to battery. I could jiggle the plug, and it would go back to AC power. It would last for a few hours or so, until I have the switch happen again. As it progressed, the switches would be more frequent and jiggling didn’t make much difference because it would go back to AC power for like 1 second, then back to battery it goes. All of the sudden, it won’t charge the battery at all. It wouldn’t go back to AC power even if I jiggled it a bit. Fucking fun.

4) Two words: Exploding batteries. That’s enough to scare me shitless.

So you see, I’m done with them. Last night was the last straw. I called them and I was on the phone with them for an hour before someone came on. I explained to him that I’m rather pissed that my motherboard has done this already. And he goes on to tell me shit I already know (warranty’s up and shit like that). I’m saying in my head, as I always tell my niece when she isn’t making much sense…Y tu punta es? That means And your point is? in Spanish. So he’s going to…troubleshoot. Mother…fucker…didn’t I tell your ass that when I plug the AC adapter into the laptop the light on the AC adapter goes off?! I gave my nephew the phone and told me to do the stuff he said. Of course I didn’t, because it’s practically useless to do that shit, when I’ve already said about 10 times before that it won’t work. It was like he didn’t believe me. So my nephew says to get the manager, and this man gets the manager.

So I’m back on the phone with the manager, and I explained the whole thing, and he says that it’s not the motherboard, but rather a loose or disconnected connector of the AC power. He went on to say that it can be saudered back on by a technician. So I was like “fine”. My nephews’ father comes over to pick them up from my house, and takes a look at it again. Okay, so now he’s saying that there’s apparently a short. And he showed the spark and everything. Ooh, scary. So he took it with him to see if he can figure out the exact problem, but we’ve kinda ruled out that it’s the motherboard itself. It’s just that part in the back of the laptop.

In other words, dude, don’t get a Dell.

As for online news: I’ve been behind on a lot of shit on the site because of the computer problem. Photoshop runs in a snail’s pace on this desktop, so I need to get more RAM or something. It’s a 5 year old computer so it’s about time for an upgrade. However, Photoshop did run, and I was able to cough up a couple of themes. Now that I look at one of them, I’m not too sure of it anymore, but it’s going to stay since I’m about a month late in adding a new theme. So there it is.

Project 739 is going to be open by the end of September. However, I’m going to need more help, so I explained what to do here. I need to work on a few stuff on other sites as well, so needless to say, I’m going to be pretty busy.

We had a barbeque/Thanksgiving in August type thing on Saturday. See, we had to get rid of some of the meat that my uncle gave us during the summer before it festered into green shit. We had all kinds of food, and we had family over to share the wealth, so it didn’t all go to waste. Trust me. 😆 We played a lot of card games, and just had plenty of fun. I would be more fun if I had some Smirnoff Twisted or Ice, lol. My mom was like “we don’t have any beer!” She’s talking about to put in the freaking barbeque sauce. She’s silly, ha!

So there you have it. I’m sure I’m missing something out of this, but I can’t think of anything else, so um…love you!

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  1. My friend had a Dell laptop that had to have the HD replaces, battery, motherboard, and video card replaces numerous times under warranty. Dells are POS.

  2. Wow, the program does sound boring. Hopefully you’ll be done by the end of this month! Only 2 more weeks then.

    Your laptop is a bastard, letting you down like that! He deserves to be kicked in the ass, as well as those people at the technical support services.

    I’m glad you had fun at that bbq. Lots of food and family around, what do you need more, hehe.

  3. Dude, I’ve got a Dell. It’s been quite good to me except that time when I infected it with a virus, lol. But still, it’s been very nice. I’m not gonna say more cause with my luck I’ll jinx it.

    Anywho. ILU Nat! Mmkay. I’m a bad commenter, but I just had to put in my two cents about my Dell :mrgreen:

  4. Yes, you did find me! You would’ve eventually heh. All you have to do is either type in Robby or your name and Alecia and my site will show up on google. Damn, I’m not that hard to find eh? HAH. Anyway, yay for a new entry! Also I have to agree with Alecia. Don’t be spiteful. I like Dells! My happens to be one, but it’s also a desktop so it wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg to replace things which is one of the reasons I choose the desktop and not a lappie. Perhaps, that’s what your next investment should be, a desktop. Less hassle and a lot cheaper to fix if something goes wrong. Anyway, you know I got your back with Project 739, just let me know what you need.

  5. I keep hearing about Dell being bad. Exploding batterys is scary! Of course you dont have any problems until warranty is up 🙄 Thats the way it ALWAYS is.

  6. Sorry about your laptop. I’ve always heard bad things about Dells. But then I bet everyone would say they’d heard bad things about every brand of computer out there. What type of RAM do you have right now? I have an extra 256 MB memory card and if you can use it and need it, it’s yours.

  7. i’ve never had a dell. i did have a laptop though but it died, and i didn’t have it long. i guess they don’t make them that good.

  8. I heard about Dell batteries blowing up.
    There’s this show in Australia called The Chasers Was On Everything, and you know the people who stand outside shops with a microphone advertising what’s in store??… They went there and started paying out Dell.
    It was pretty darn funny!

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