It’s about motherfucking time.

All right folks. After fighting with my desktop for what seems to be a lifetime, I’m finally online. So here’s what’s happened.

I come back from Florida in sweltering heat. My first impression was…”Wait. I came back to New York for this?!” It was hotter up here than it was down there. If we knew, we would have probably stayed another week, lol. All in all, I had a good time. I came back on Tuesday night, and stayed out of the heat for the rest of the week.

I called Dell about the AC adapter for my laptop. You see, my laptop’s AC adapter died on me so now I was looking to buy another one. It came today, the adapter. So all of my lappy woes are over right? Right?

Wrong. It just so happens that it’s not the AC adapter that’s the problem. Apparently there’s something with the motherboard. What is it? I have no clue. And I’m fucking outraged. I got the motherboard replaced last year because I tripped over my external hard drive, and I broke one of the USB ports. So it’s a relatively new motherboard compared to the laptop itself which is 3 years old this month. Now when I plug in the new AC adapter, the light on it goes off. Figures. So unless I cough up $700 plus for a new motherboard (which isn’t going to happen), it’s deemed useless. I backed up the Crestfallen files on it before it went completely dead, so I haven’t lost much there, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not still ticked off. I still haven’t finished my online courses for web design, and guess what? My desktop is so old, that the program that I’m supposed to work with (Dreamweaver) won’t even install on it. Donations, anyone?

I’m so pissed off that I can’t even type up so much. My mind is clouded.

In other news–Angel…where in the bejesus are you?!!!

14 thoughts on “It’s about motherfucking time.”

  1. Ack! Why is it that everyone’s computer seems to be on the fritz lately? Yours, mine and several others whose sites I’ve commented on in the last week. I don’t know why a relatively new motherboard would start causing problems. Maybe it’s a problem with the AC Adapter and the motherboard? As in maybe they cancel each other out? Not sure why that would happen but I hope that that’s it so you don’t have to replace the motherboard.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your computer. My laptop’s battery and keyboard are broken as well. T_T;; I’m waiting for my dad’s friend to get it, since he’s the one who fixed it and is the one ordering the two things for me. I hope you get some donations soon; I would if I could but I’m so broke I’m worried I won’t be able to buy my books for my college classes. Blah.

  3. I’m sorry about all the computer problems. That sucks big time. I wish some miracle would happen that gets your laptop ‘healed’ all of a sudden, without having to buy a new motherboard. That won’t happen? Well, my computer had a miraculous healing 2 weeks ago. It was broke, we had to take it to the store, but I was too lazy. And after a week of waiting it worked again perfectly all of a sudden, without doing anything! I think the thing was suffering too much from the heat.

    Haha, it’s hard to keep track of Angel uh 😉

  4. Well, you’d find me eventually wouldn’t you? LOL. Now you know how i felt when you disappeared off the face to the planet, lol. Anyway, you still need to change my links on your site and I think it’s time for a layout change, don’t you? HAHA.

  5. Gawd we are all fighting with our computers lately isn’t it? okay I am fighting lots with my dad also but the computer’s more annoying lol

  6. Oh god I hate computer problems too. I’m so afraid right now because my computer is getting old and I know that my mom won’t buy a new one… anyway 😐

  7. Aww I’m sorry to hear about your laptop. I was looking well kinda hoping to get one. My desktop kinda gets on my nerves I hate sitting up to use it lol yeah I’m lazy. But it’s good that you backed up your files so you won’t be losing too much of your site.

  8. Wow, that’s obnoxious with the computer problems. Time to get a completely new one, perhaps? Especially if they charge $800 to replace what might be the problem. Pfft. I hope you get it all figured out without having too much of a bill!

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